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Thinking of joining SW...


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I had decided to do the Cambridge Diet but am rethinking as it's so restrictive, I've heard lots of good things about SW, have seen the fab results in the magazine (bought one yesterday) and think it would be a better and more healthy way to go.

I'm a serial yo-yo dieter, have done WW, CD, WW, CD now thinking I should try something else to stop the yo-yoing as it can't be good for my body.

Talk me into it everyone!!!!! :D
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Hellooooo :eek:)

Your quite right, serial yo-yoing isn't good for you at all! Firstly i suggest you address the real issue of why you can follow a plan well, but not long term? because without really addressing this issue, so that your able to identify any tell tale signs of when your likley to hit rocky times and quit? .. All diets are meant 'for life' but as youv already said, some are so restrictive.. and that can be difficult. Slimmingworld is a great eating plan to follow, and really is easy. Sure, your not going to wake up a slim jim overnight, but equipped with the right information, a good consultant and group.. and the genuine desire to succeed, you can see those fab results you saw in the magazine.

it's a bit of a learning process.. i discovered my choco-holic side which i wasnt aware of, after years of being a strictly savoury treat-girl.. and that has knocked me back a few times, but its about addressing your weaknesses and working the plan to suit you 100%.. theres so much variety and flexibility, and if you want a treatsized choc, packet of crisps or some extra dip.. you can have it.. all within a dailey syn allowance, which i think is what makes slimmingworld so special, because unlike ww or cd, you wont be running out of points, or your dailey allowance of shakes and bars etc.. because there is just so much 'free food' even after all your syns are spent, and your healthy extras are used.. you can still have massive meals, enjoyable meals that you dont 'count' because thats the joy of free food!

I highly recommened it, if you really want it, you can do it.



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Fab reply, thank you so much for taking the time to write so much :D

I think the reason's I have failed before are because of the restrictions and point counting that have to be done with the other diets

I do want sw to become a way of life and to not have to worry about what I'm eating because my habits will have changed to proper eating.

I enjoy food and I don't want to be restricted by the good stuff - healthy food I mean not chocolate and burgers!!

I'm glad that you've said sw is easy to follow.

There is a local class to me on Tuesday, think I will give it a go.

Thank you again :thankyou:
Gem x


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Hi Gem, and welcome.
I, too, have been a serial yo-yo dieter, and have done almost every diet invented but know that SW is the only plan that works for me. I must admit that this is my 6th time on SW, but has been my most successful and definitely the last. I love it, as it's not at all restrictive and it is just a way of life now.
Good luck. I am sure you will love it too.


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Good idea, thanks allie x


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thanks Malaika :)

Devon Dolce

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Hello and welcome - when I saw the title of your post I said to myself 'what's there to think about it?' - SW is an amazing lifestyle choice xxx
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Not much to add but can honestly say it's the only thing that has worked for me :) Good luck x
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I highly recommend SW too, also having been a yo-yo dieter since forever. SW really is a lovely lifestyle rather than a diet especially Extra Easy plan. It is manageable for life to keep the weight off. I enjoy Class, is great for motivation.


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i love slimmign world, i was a target member and when i met my boyfriend didnt have time for class and sort of lost my way a bit. the thing i love about slimming world as its so easy to get into and get back into and your always going to be welcomed.

im actually so much happier DOING slimming world than when im on my own because i have so much control over what i eat and never have to worry about eating too much etc. its a great plan and everyone i know who does it loves it too
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Good luck! Youl love it, just sit back and relax.. enjoy the freedom of it all.. my losses are best when i dont stress. Honest! x
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Hello and Welcome :wavey:

Go ahead and do it, you wont get a better diet/healthy eating plan than Slimming World IMO, and I have tried many others. It's even better now that you have the extra easy plan available. You wont be disappointed.

Helen x
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Thanks everyone, hopefully I'll make the Tuesday evening class x

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