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thinking of leaving exante for slimming world


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I think you have to choose for yourself. What is it that you're not liking about Exante, and do you think Slimming world will give you whatever it is that you're missing? You're close to goal now, so the important question is which will help you most to get to maintaining your new weight? Only you can make the decision that's right for you. Good luck, whatever you choose.


Will be a skinny mini!
Just finding exante really hard atm still getting alot of bad hunger pains even tho Im doing ts & with the odd day of ws Im totally sticking to it and Im in ketsois but struggling with the hunger pains, ot can't be cos Im not getting enuf fluid cos i drunk up to 3.5 litres a day. A friend is doing slimming world and has lost 3 stone. Just don't know what to do :-(
I am re-starting slimming world, with the option of coming back to Exante at a later point. I cant get back into it, and find the daily failing is making me a bit depressed. I havent been this unhappy while trying to diet before. I hate I feel so bad because I eat food at night.

When they say trying to restart is hard, they are not wrong at all!
I'm slowly coming off my exante packs and then I'll be moving onto Slimming World :)
I know exante works, how can it not work! Its fab, and wont say a bad word about it, (except the choc shakes!) but I just cant do it at the moment. Re-starting its so hard! :(
Div, why not take a concious break of say one month. Set it in your mind that youre starting Exante on say May 1st. Ive found after any breaks I have that if I have a very definite date I get back to it no problem as opposed to - tomorrow, which never comes x
That sounds like a great idea Starlight! I have never thought to do that, just stop trying, and then have a complete fresh restart! :D x


Been liberated by Exante!
What a brilliant suggestion. If your head is saying its too hard, its too hard just now. Not for ever but too hard for you just now. So you can take charge of you and award yourself a month off perhaps.
PS I posted somewhere on this site that coffee made me hungry for at least 8 hours. I have given it up and now am sailing on not hungry and still functioning. I wonder if something is triggering your hunger.
thats a really good idea! altho it might be a good idea to stick to SW or similar within that month so as to avoid having more to lose when u do start haha! I can sympathise totally, i tried exante and hated that i couldnt eat at all, i switched to SW and hated the slow losses......weigh up what would be more bearable to deal with! xx
Luckily I have only tried this diet in one year. So I'm not sticking with exante now. I will try something else. But I'm giving minimims a break.
Well I was all set on starting again but was put off by comments in my diary. They were only being honest but it has really swayed me now. If I do exante tomorrow I shall keep it to myself. Don't get me wrong they were being honest and were not nasty. But I was put off. Now I feel gutted and a failure. It's not their fault it's mine. But I'm still upset. Nevermind these things happen exante is not the only diet in the world.
Oh lisa dont let people stop you doing this on minimins.....your as welsome here as anyone. And this isnt an easy diet to follow, weve all had setbacks. chin up babe. PM me anytime...were about the same weight etc, could be buddys xx
Had a wee read of your diary....think people are trying to help babe. Dont think of yourself as a failure cos your not. You got this far, you bought the packs and u want to do this. Ive started and restarted more times than i care to remember so i know how tough it is to get so far and then binge. But you want this bad enough to give it a go. Dont beat yourself up. Write a list of pros and cons, clear out the house of any "bad" foods and set yourself small achievable goals. Now instead of setting myself a goal of losing 8 stone im setting myself ones like "get thru day 1", "lose 1 stone" "drop a dress size".....once u achieve those small goals u may feel motivated enough to reach the bigger ones! Good luck babe and get that chin up xx

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