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Thinking of starting .. SW


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hiya :) ..

Currently im a WW ... and i started it in Jan 08 and thro the year lost 27lbs which was great but i fell off the wagon in august and havnt been back on it properly since and have regained a stone,
Since then ive not been able to get back on the diet atall ive tried and tried and just cant do it, ...
Im just wondering whether or not to try Slimming World whether a change is as good as a rest ? ...

has anyone else done this with success?
thanks for any opinions :)
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Hi Hun, welcome. Everyone on the SW forum will tell you how fantastic the SW plan is, hardly any weighing or measuring. The support on here is second to none and there is always a tip floating around that you can pick up on.
Yes, like all diets SW works, but you have to work at it and be 100% committed to see a result.


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I have done both and find SW much better - there is more food to eat and very little weighing. I think there has been an update to WW since I did it but I hated counting points and found that I'd run out of them by lunchtime. I feel SW easier to fit into day to day life and much better is you sometimes eat out. WW obviously does work for lots of people but certainly SW has been better for me. I think a change of plan would do you good - sometimes just having to concentrate on the plan again helps you stay focused. Getting complacent is easily done. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what you can eat on SW and how unrestricting it is. At the end of the day what have you got to lose? If WW isn't working then give SW a go!


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I've done ww before and find sw much easier. Give it a go, you've got nothing to lose except weight!


Going From Flab to FAB!
Thats so true thankyou ...Do you find that SW fits in well with family meal times! as im a true believer in sitting down altogether as a family to the table and sharing the same meals ... i dont cook seperate things .....
altho twice a week the kids do eat seperatly due to chinese and curry night ...
Yes it does hun, my kids and hubby eat the same as me on the whole loads of stir fries, chilli and rice, shepherds pie etc, I have personally never been WW fan, I have a HUGE appetite and found that when I tried WW I ran out of points by midday and was just STARVING all the time, I never have that with SW as the free food is not just boring salad and veg, there is so much choice


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Definately! You can feed the whole family the same as what you are having and you can even have the same size portions. I regularly make cottage pies, spag bol, curry etc (have a look in my diary, there are pictures!) and Mr Taz eats the same as me!

SW is easy and you can do it without having to think about it most of the time!


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The only time WW worked for me was when I was breast feeding and could have a ridiculous amount of points LOL!! Not to knock it,it does work, but SW is definately easier if you have a large appetite (Like me LOL). I hated the way that everything was pointed on WW, even fruit or veg, meaning you had to choose between a treat and normal "Healthy" foods! On SW you can have both!
I also think that sometimes a change is as good as a rest! If you are bored and not sticking to plan,then moving to another one, can make it a bit more exciting and give you something to get you excited about.
Yes,with slimming world, the whole family can eat the same thing, and I think that is where the new plan "extra easy" really comes in to it's own! I doubt if anyone would even realise you are on a diet!!

Good luck,and give it a whirl!!
Hey Pixie - I don't know if you remember me from the WW boards, but I remember you did the Core plan on WW quite often. The new Extra Easy plan is quite similar and means your absolutely loads of foods, which fits really well with family meals.

Personally I've found that whilst WW works, SW works much better for me and encourages much better than eating habits for life than WW. I know other people work the other way, but for me, if I have too much choice with foods then I won't choose the healthier things which I actually enjoy!
hello, I too have just started s.world after a story pretty much like yours - I joined ww in sept 07, lost 1.5stone and then in the alst yr put it all back on again - tried to start again in jan, but found my appetite too big! also with ww i was having lower pont meals so i could have the choc/crisps etc, then blowing it all!

so om saturday (just gone) I decided to follow s.world and am really enjoying not weighing baked beans/potatoes etc and find because i can eat what I want i do not most of the time, i eat 3 BIG meals and have not really snacked etc, I can not run out of points etc so it works for me,

funny you should say about doing s.world with having a family - we eat alot of curries/pasta bakes/ etc from jar plus chicken etc so currently sat here syning them all,

good luck in what you decide to do,


No Coffee, No Workee
Just another voice adding to the chorus here :D

I'm a WW veteran, did it for the best part of 10 years on and off (from before they introduced the points system) before coming to the conclusion that it really wasn't working for me - I just couldn't stick to it for longer than 5 minutes without ending up feeling deprived and miserable, even with the advent of the points system and then the core plan.

SW is *so* much easier. You don't end up feeling deprived, for the simple reason that there is always something you can eat! And that something isn't an apple or a lettuce leaf, either.

The facility is also there that if you're having a desperate craving for something "naughty", you can have it - "flexible syns" (which you will learn about) allows you to do it, and get back to the plan the next day with no guilt.

The combination of not feeling deprived, and not feeling desperately guilty on the days when I slip is what keeps me coming back to SW, what has kept me coming back each time life has got in the way and conspired to knock me off my perch.

SW teaches you a new way of eating for life and instills good habits in you - those such as cooking properly instead of using convenience foods - and those habits stay with you.

I've been a SW member on and off for 7 years now, and in that time I've lost 2 and a half stone. I've rejoined several times and reset the counter from my joining weight each time (as I've just done), but the fact remains that I'm 2 and a half stone lighter than when I first joined in 2002. Something about it just works, and it stays with you. :)

Phew - I came in for a quick comment and it turned into an epic, sorry! :giggle:

Anyway - I hope you decide to join the party! :D


Going From Flab to FAB!
Thanks so much for the replies it really has helped! I think i need a change definatly! ... I do find with WW at the moment ive been using most of my points on snacks and treats and then not having enough left for meals so just thinking "sod it" and having a meal anyway....
When we have our meals i usually do things like .. Jackets, risottos, shep pies, cassaroles, etc and friday is treat night so the kids have pizza and we have chinese ..
There is a class near me i think on tuesday evenings so im going to join next tuesday i think! .... will keep reading on here in the mean time :)

Jenny i do remember you :) xxxxx
Good luck if you do decide to defect to SW. Those sorts of meals would definately fit well with the plan - even the chinese on the new extra easy plan (counting a few sins too)!

It's taken me 4 weeks on SW to lose what it took me a couple of months to shift on WW, and it's felt effortless!

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