Thinking of switching diets

Okay, so im on day 4, and im bored lol.
I dont look forward to going home as i know ive got no dinner to look forward to... I HATE every shake, soup ect i think there vile. I feel like im depressed cos ive still got like a month or 2 to go.
I actualy feel so appreciative of a small healthy meal, so i was thinking about stopping lipotrim after 1 week and going onto slimfast? It is either a shake or bar for breakfast and lunch, then a 600 cal meal of ur choice for dinner. Plus two small snacks. I really think it would be better for me and still make me lose weight but a little bit happier, and now ive done this i know i can deffo do it!
What you all think? I have about stone and half to lose.
Leanne x
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Whatever makes you happy really chick, BUT the longer you can stick this diet out your taste buds and palate change and you find yourself actually liking the products (maybe not the flapjacks though!) Or have you considered doing the re~feed then maintenance plan, as you would still lose I`m sure. Talk to your pharmacist for advice. I personally wouldnt do the slimfast diet... Have you also considered the Exante or Cambridge plans? They have a wider choice of products.. worth a think?? Hope you do well in whatever you choose... Let us know??
L xxx
Could you tell me what the maintenance lipotrim consists of? Yea i dont really know what the other two are but i know there expensive!! Lol
Only reason i thought slimfast was because the shakes and bars are big and actuli taste nice. Plus two snacks theres a lot of range from sf crisps and choc lol. Then knowing ur allowed a meal... Im just thinking it would keep me goin, it might tke an extra month to get to my goal but a bit of exercise will help... And at least ill be happy and look forward to waking up lolol.
Food is MY LIFE xx


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Slim fast isn't ketogenic so you'll be hungry. If you get over the first week it really gets better. The lipotrim ethos is to completely divorce us from food to change our relationships with it. It is a tough programme but worth every minute of it. I was bigger than obese in november and since then I've lost almost three stone and 6points off my BMI. Please perservere if you can it'll be worth it.


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Slimfast isnt a TFR so the losses are more like WW/SW etc

If youre struggling with the shakes why not try Exante or Cambridge, they both have plans which allow a low cal/low carb meal every day but you stay in ketosis and the losses are still really good.
Would slimfast not keep me in ketosis if i dont include carbs in my one meal?
Thanks for this advice guys i really admire you few that can actually stick to it 100 percent for months lol.
I really am glad im doing this for a week! It has made me realise how selfish and greedy i was being before, and i really would do anything for a salad lol before i was on like 2 mcds a day and 20 mini sausage rolls plus dinner and a whole
Big bag of crisps, i only got to just under 13 stone eating like this for 2 years.
I now appreciate food as im physically starving myself on this i do feel hungry... So i think one slim fast shake a day fruit for beekkie and a healthy meal is the way forward for me!


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wow starlight well done for your mass weight loss on the exante and thank you for the information. :)
Ok thanks starlight.
I will see how i feel after my first weigh in on saturday lol.
Maybe im just going through a downer today. Feeling a bit crap at the thought of no food at all!
Thanks everyone for your support and well done for all doing so well x


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Don't give up, I was like you, thought I couldn't do it but I did, I've lost nearly 8 stone, don't give up! One thing that stands out for me is my connection with emotion and food has gone, if I was depressed I would eat, if I was bored I'd eat, if I was happy I'd eat, if I was stressed..etc u get the picture. Also I would get upset if I couldn't have what I wanted to eat, like if I couldn't have a take away I'd actually get emotional!! Thats scary, since doing lipotrim I've never felt emotionally attached, yes I put weight on o er Xmas because I was eating everything because I knew I was coming back 100% but that emotional connection has gone. So stick with it Hun it will really change you x


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My day 4's are exactly the same as yours, I feel like throwing everything away and like I cant possibly go without food, but as my first week went by I forgot all about that once I started wearing smaller clothes and getting compliments, started waking up feeling smaller all of a sudden!! Im probably going to feel the same again tomorrow which is my re-start day 4,, but I know not to listen to my stupid cravings because it is all so worth it! I couldnt wait to come back to it =D Just stick it for a week hun and see how you feel when you see how much you lost xxx


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One way I coped was by telling myself I was taking medicine!! Once I was in ketosis I stopped needing food and had an amazing feeling of being completely in control!! Good luck with whatever you choose to do xx


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Ok thanks starlight.
I will see how i feel after my first weigh in on saturday lol.
Maybe im just going through a downer today. Feeling a bit crap at the thought of no food at all!
Thanks everyone for your support and well done for all doing so well x

I think its just a downer, I felt the same and I'm just waiting for my first weigh in!!! Fingers crossed for me! Just make the right decision for you but you've come this far on LT so why not try to keep going....just one more week could mean 8lbs more off!