Thinking of switching from Slim and!


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Hey all!

Sorry to gatecrash the Howard's Way forum! :p

I am doing SnS at the moment and it's going well. However, I am considering moving to Howard's Way as of Jan 1st. Has anyone switched? What do people think of HW? It looks great on the site and I love how they can guarantee your weight loss! :eek: If I started on Jan 1st I would at goal by Apr/May which would be fab as am getting married July.

Anyway, just want some advice from people actually on the diet/people who've switched etc.

Also want to know, is it worth the money? It's SO expensive!!!!:rolleyes:

Cheers all


Just to say, I couldn't have lost my weight without their fantastic support. Know it is more expensive than a few of the other VLCD's out there but really can't speak too highly of HW. My advice would be to go for it, especially with their guarantee (think from what my Locum says, you also get some money off if you sign up within a certain time of asking for the guarantee?), I know so many other dieters who have lost their weight successfully with them, too.

Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide and in the meantime, have a great Christmas!

Best wishes, Karen.

P.S. Well done re your weight loss so far! :)