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Morning !

Ah Weigh In and 4lbs off !!!!!! Oh those lovely scales I could just hug them, almost overnight I managed to go from 13.3 to 13.1 - I am a happy bunny !!!!!

Hope everyone is having a good morning !!!! My sister and niece coming for the day today which should be lovely, lots of chat and water hahahaha !

Feeling fine and going to go and have a shower etc before my CDC arrives (I weigh in on my own scales).

Going to give the soups another go this week for a bit of texture change !!!!

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Well done Charley that's brilliant! I will be off to my weigh in soon too!


can see the end in sight!
well done charlie! thats fantastic, im so pleased for you. i weighed myself this morning, although my official weigh in day isn't until next wednesday, i am down to 13 2! i really want to get that 2 off the scales by next week, get into the 12's!

have just arrived at work, luckily no dramas overnight for me to deal with so i am settling down to watch the ashes on the plasma in reception! go aussies! lol


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Morning everyone!

Charley - 4lbs woohoo well done sweet!

Well today I am going to be watching Peter Andre on This Morning, then doing some exercise on the wii fitness coach.

Other than that, I'll do a bit more tidying around the flat.

I hope everyone has a positive thinking thin Thursday!

Glug glug glug!!!

Hugs x x x


Slimming down the aisle
Morning everyone!

Well done Charley! :)

I've decided that today is going to be a completely 100% day for me. That means all my fluids. All my CD packs. And all my meals, with no deviation. I've managed to stock pile 20 CD packs over the last 2/3 weeks, that's 20 that I should have had and didn't! So I've got 10 days worth before I need to arrange seeing my CDC which gives me some time to sort out getting there with a broken car!

Lately I've not really been that hungry and so have skipped, a lot. Yesterday I didn't have my salad lunch, only about half my fruit, my milk or either of the CD meals, and have been like that for a few days. Okay I've not forced myself to do it, and I've just not been hungry at all, but it's not going to help me lose weight, my body will just hold on to everything!

I've discovered some of the meals I've been having aren't actually what I should be! I've had salmon and pork, neither of which are on the 3a menu, but they are on the set 3b menu and I've done it much like that, but still means say if I've changed from cous cous to potatoes, I've used the 3a amount of potatoes. Also, cous cous, I've been having that with 3a meats! So I managed to get completely confused and have stuff I'm not meant to, mixing the two together!! Though, I've done it since I started 1000 so can't be effecting me too badly! But still, 100% today means sticking to it all to the letter.

So I'm about to have my breakfast now, have just drunk 1 pint of water, and have my tetra ready for as soon as I can stomach it. Good start for the day!

Fingers crossed I'll do it, sure I can!


Going for Goal!
Good Luck Caro - I'm pleased you are focused for 100% today.

Hugs x x x

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Well done Charlie, that's fab. Good plan Caroline for today.

I'm feeling unusally low today :( Gonna mix up my 1000B food today and try different things for a change. Gonna tuck into my magazines and stay cosy. Got housework to do and teaching from 4pm.

No idea why i feel so rubbish. I'll be fine.
Have a good one girls x


Slimming down the aisle
Awww, sorry to hear you're feeling low. Getting cosy with your magazines sounds like a good idea! Maybe have a nice bath or something, paint your nails, do a little something to pamper yourself! I hope you cheer up soon hun.

One thing I really like doing is a kind of... curried potato. If you cut up your new potatoes into halves, boil them until almost done, then get a wok, add a little oil, crush up coriander and cumin seeds and add pepper then the potatoes, mix it all up. Leave it for 5 mins or so, keep mixing it up. Add some spinach, wait a minute or so, and it's done! I reeeeally like it! I have it with pork and a bit of brocolli.


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Thanks all !!!! And Good Luck for weigh in this week !
I am just bouncing my gorgeous 12 week old niece on my knee, she is trying to eat me !!!!

Will be back later on to read posts, my sister is hogging my computer !!!!!!!!!!

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