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  1. officiallygem

    officiallygem Full Member

    Not strictly photos but I found this great website to help visualise your target weight: www.modelmydiet.com

    You enter your current and target weight so you can see a rough idea of your target body shape.
    I printed mine out and keep it on my fridge to keep me on track

    Hope it's OK for me to link out :/
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  3. Tiger-lilly

    Tiger-lilly Silver Member

    Wow! You can actually visualise what you could potentially look like. I can't wait now. Going to print mine when I get to the office. Thanks

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  4. ScouseBird83

    ScouseBird83 Full Member

    Love that site!! :) Didn't realise my arse was so wide from behind hee hee!

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  5. Ellielw

    Ellielw Full Member

    That's amazing! Totally works too as my goal weight is the weight I was a fe years ago and my today and then figures match the models perfectly. Excellent tool! Will be good for part way through and showing the difference too :)
  6. LoveMyCat

    LoveMyCat Full Member

    Oh my god that's incredible - mines going straight on my fridge too! x
  7. celtic-chick

    celtic-chick Silver Member

  8. Well that has opened my eyes 8/ x
  9. tracey83

    tracey83 Full Member

    OMG that has to be inspiration!! It's the face that gets me more so than the body, loose that weight my face would look so much better and thinner!!
  10. Carrielou

    Carrielou Member

    Spooky!!!!! :sigh:
  11. officiallygem

    officiallygem Full Member

    Just discovered this is available as an iPhone app (sorry not sure about android). The app is great too as it has a start, current and goal so you can see your progress so far.

    I've lost 18lbs so far and I can already see differences between the start and my current so this is really spurring me on :D
  12. Trixicle

    Trixicle Full Member

  13. Lizc3115

    Lizc3115 New Member

    Oooh this is interesting, thank you!
  14. Josie

    Josie Member

    This is really good thank you for sharing :)

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  15. JackieC86

    JackieC86 New Member

    you know it's time to change when it says "weight entered is above models capacity". Currently hanging my head in shame. Oh dear!
  16. vickiyb

    vickiyb Member

    Thanks so much for sharing this, it's really helpful!
  17. Sexyshell135

    Sexyshell135 Silver Member

    But it won't be soon so hold your head high

    amazing I took a screen shot my stick it as my phones screen saver so everyone I weaken I can see it
  18. missmatilda

    missmatilda Full Member

    I can't see myself ever getting to my goal!! Even seeing this ?
  19. Brilliant! Thank you, this is lots of fun and really useful
  20. slimgirlWW

    slimgirlWW Full Member

    I saw this years ago but you had to create a profile, thankfully not on this site. I've just done it & changed to various outfits. The model looks freakishly like me....! I've printed them off to stick around the hours :)

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