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Third time lucky!!


So...as the title suggests I'm about to embark on my third attempt at SW. Granted the other times, the diet really worked for me, just struggled to maintain along with the ups and downs of life!

So, it begins again. I went and joined my group (the first time, I went to a group, second time I did it at home), and my consultant was off, so they had someone else instead. Everything is set and I managed 100% today...honk!! Went for a green day as I works better for me.

Brekkie- Porriage (HEB) and SS Milk (1/2 HEA)

Lunch- Baked Beans, Baked Potato and 42g LF Cheese (HEA).

Snack- Honeydew Melon and Strawberries

Dinner- Homemade Quorn Bol and Pasta with loads of veg, peppers, onions etc. Lemon Hi Fi bar (HEB) and milky coffee (other 1/2 HEA).

I'll try not to bore you all too much with my ups and (probably) many downs :D.

Day 1 down...many more to go!!

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So yest was another great day...love the optimism of week one!!

Porriage and milk for brekkie

Baked potato, beans, cheese and balsamic vinegar

BNS soup (was hungry)

Quorn spag Bol with peppers and onions followed by strawberries

Off to the flicks and had a mint high fi bar, fruit bag and a calippo (5syns)

:) xx
Awww man, best dinner...ever!!

Chicken fajita mix (2.5syns), chicken, peppers, onions with Mexican rice (3syns). Super tasty! An extra 4.5 syns for some soured cream and I am stuffed beyond belief! Couldn't even have the pudding I had made of pudding rice with yoghurt and strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, will put it in the fridge and have it for brekkie tomo :)

Good day all in which included a wee trip to the gym. Whoop.

Today seems to be going well too. I had last night's pudding for brekkie and a hi fi bar. Baked potato baked beans and 2x HeA of cheese, followed by a fruit bag, hi fi bar and 25g of toblerone for 6.5syns. Plan for dinner is quorn pepper steak, new potatoes, balsamic onions and broccoli. May even push for a cadbury light choc dessert....if I have the space!

Spin class booked for tomo more, bleugh!!xx
Ok, so I have been ignoring this slightly...although I suppose its better to ignore this than my diet!!

First WI tonight and I lost 4.5lbs :) delighted!

I think I'm going to avoid putting my food diary up everyday, but maybe save that in case I start to stuggle and I hope someone will be able to point out my mistakes!!

So far, everything seems to be going well and I'm actually enjoying it. I even managed to have my fav dinner of fajitas (albeit without the wraps), maltesers and a packet of monster munch. SCORE!! :)



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Hi rozy, just come across your diary and wanted to say good luck on your journey, third and last time this time rozy! Keep posting!

Well done on your weight loss that's brilliant! X
Excellent first week Rozy, keep up the good work hun and definitely keep posting, a) we like to steal ooops I mean look at your choices lol and b) can possibly point out where you may be need some advice (or you may see it yourself if it's written down), Your diary is for you, we are just guest peepers lol, gl with the rest of your 3rd and final journey xx
Thank you for the messages, this site us so good!!

I had an ridiculous long lie and just about to have breakfast...or brunch as it may be more commonly known at this time of day!! Weetabix, ss milk, ww toffee apple yogurt. Yum! I have some melon and grapes to pick at for later :)

Ok, the last few days have been good!! I even managed to avoid the temptation of the junk food counter at the cinema and took a wee bag of butterkist for 5.5syns. Outstanding!! Went to the gym today as well, snaps for me!!

The most satisfying meal I'm having just now is still chicken fajita with lots of onions and peppers and rice. A wee tbsp of sour cream and the whole dinner is just 4syns! Feels far worse! Yum yum!! A wee ww dessert yogurt for later and I'm set!!xx
Food wise...things are still going well. I need need NEED to stop weighing myself mid week. The scales at home and at class show totally different results and altho I know that, it still messes with my head! Will need to try and stay positive and just chill out!!

Also...I have a sore knee. Grump! I have been some running at the gym and I think thats what's causing it. Too much weight on my poor knees! Horrid catch 22, trying to lose weight by exercising, but the weight is stopping me!

Moan over :) xxx
Is not looking forward to WI tomo. No reason whatsoever. I've kept under 70 syns, have weighed and measured all my HE's, even on days that I'm doing green instead of EE, I've been having 1/3 superfree. Just feeling a bit of a bloated heffalump!! Self pity moan is over...for now! ;) xxx
Good luck for tonight im sure it will be fine :) xx
shenzi said:
Good luck for tonight im sure it will be fine :) xx
Thanks shenzi, I lost a lb. Not over the moon with that, just feeling a tad frustrated!! We got new scales in the class and everyone seemed to be gaining, sts etc but don't want to use that as an excuse. Means my scales are in line with the class ones now, before they were 2 or 3 lbs out. Next week I really want to get my first shiny...sad I know! Only 1 1/2lbs so it's doable. Going to try and keep up the swimming and exercising and maybe try some speed soup. I have been using my syns for monster munch or butterkist popcorn, well within my 70 a week, but going to try the lemon curd and use that to snack on in the evening! Fingers crossed! Saying all that, I'm having butterkist tonight to take with me to the cinema!!xx
A pound of fat lost is fantastic! I know exactly how you feel though everyone wants to see 4 - 5 pounds a week but slower is better so they say! Keep going with those sf foods and the swimming next week will be another pound off if not more good luck x x
shenzi said:
A pound of fat lost is fantastic! I know exactly how you feel though everyone wants to see 4 - 5 pounds a week but slower is better so they say! Keep going with those sf foods and the swimming next week will be another pound off if not more good luck x x
Thanks! I know I'm being silly, if i was talkin to someone else I would tell them how good it was, it mad how we do that!! Hope your having a good week...onwards and downwards as they say :) xx
Ive had an ok week have been at work a lot this week so i have struggled a bit with eating properly most days Ive just eaten soup not good in this weather lol, weigh in tonight though so though so will see the damage! X
Ok, so went soooooooo over my syns, but vodka doesn't count right?! Weekly, I'm within my syns, so it's not too bad. My indulgence in vodka led to excessive dancing. Woke up this morning with such a sore back!! Defo vodka related injury!xx
Hmmmmmmmm! Used the rest of my syns for some Chinese curry sauce, sw chips and rice, chicken and onions. Numma numma!! Amazing! Thinking BBQ tomo :) xx

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