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Third WI, Broken Scales and the Wendie Plan


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Hi All,
I purchased some new scales yesterday as my dad popped round last night and weighed on my old ones and it was completely different from the scales at the doctor! (I am talking more than a few pounds which cannot be accounted for by water retention) Which means that the weight I believe I have lost is probably a bit more than what I have posted on here. I cannot change my details as I have no idea what my real weight was when I started WW a couple of weeks ago.

So had my third WI (on the new scales) this morning and lost 1 pound! The weight is coming off slowly but I prefer it that way! I have a year to get to goal so plenty of time!

Also was wondering if any of you have done The Wendie Plan - one of my mates is doing it this week and has shown me the points she is allowed - there is a superhigh day where she has to eat 34 points - 10 points over her normal points allowance?! Is this right?!

Hope you are all having good weeks!

Onwards and Downwards
Sharkbait1983 x
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Hi there; I kinda do the Wendie plan in that on weigh day Tuesday I always eat 10 pts extra, which I simply deduct off the rest of the week, then on a Saturday I have extra points taken from a Sunday, and on a sunday I have an ultra low day - it stops me getting bloated the day before weigh in, and I concentrate on upping my fluid intake even more than usual... It works for me as there are definitely days when I could eat a horse, and others where cereal, salad and pasta are more than enough... probably most people do it in their own way when they have a binge and then save some points to cover it.... :D
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The wendie plan is meant for weeks when you have a party or something so you can enjoy yourself and pull it back in an organised fashion- I alos know people who have used it just to boost their metabolism.
I did it a couple of times when i've had social things coming up , once i still lost and once i sts but probably would've gained on a normal week-but who knows !!


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The Wendie plan :mad: yes encourages you to eat way under your points some days and way over it others.

If youre trying it just remember its not an official WW plan, it was made up by some female called Wendie.

Im thinking of making one up too and calling it after myself and encouraging people to have weeks where they eat nothing but chocolate.
Pmsl oh I like it!!

I'm also not a fan of the wendi plan. Ww teaches you to control hunger and eat balanced meals and snacks, the wendi plan says to hell with it, gorge one day, starve the next!
Where's the responsible eating habits in that?


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Yes I'm with Shabba & Starlight on this. I dont think the Wendy plan encourages a healthy attitude to weight loss at all. Although I can understand the need to cut back if you have a blow out or go over points too much, the Wendy plan encourges you to go too low. But on the other hand it works for some people


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hello all - thanks for all of your replies. I am not doing the Wendie Plan - the SuperHigh day scares me!! My mate is struggling on her Super Low Day today but says she is going to stick with it and see if it makes a difference at WI!

I am happy sticking to my allocated 26 points!

Sharkbait1983 x

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