This bad breath business..................


Does everyone get it and is it all the time?

I am suddenly panicking that I will be billy no mates due to horrendous death breath. I will be this stunning waif having lost loads of weight but no one will want to come near me cos I stink!!!! :rolleyes:

So is there anyone out there who didn't get it?
I know what you mean but I don't think it's quite that bad. No one has commented to me (but then they wouldn't would they) even if anyone steps back while talking to me at work I think "OMG my breath stinks"

It's a worry but all you can do is drink loads to dilute the ketones so they come out in your wee more than the moisture in your breath and have the odd mouth spray when you need to or I think you can have those listerine strip things that melt on your tongue.

Don't worry too much - it's only temporary after all.

Good luck xx
You get the yukky ketosis breath until you start upping the food intake and get out of ketosis!

You can use goldspot breathfreshner and mouthwash as long as it's alcohol free.

I'm one of the bad ones who chews sugar free gum, it doesn't make me hungry or kick me out of ketosis but technically you're not allowed it because it might do those things to you!

Try brushing your teeth more often and also, the solution to every ailment, drink more water!


Nicole xx
Hi Hunni

My hubby told me my breath stinks!!!!

I had it for about 6 days and then it disappeared!!!

My breath reeked something terrible to start with but even though I'm still in ketosis, I have been told that it doesn't smell anymore (unless they're just being nice!!). I bought a breath spray for 99p from savers that didn't have citric acid in it that seems to do the trick if I get paranoid about it. At the end of the day, you have bad breath because you're on a ketogenic diet, not because you're minging and don't brush your teeth!!
Thanks all, looks like I need to make my first port of call a chemist to get some mouth spray - just in case!!

Spose it's a small price to pay for being svelt :)
Gold spot, super drug, special offer!!!!! £1.32

Marvellous invention!