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This could be the start of something...


Purple Hugs

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Oooh very very exciting!
What was the show like? have read its like snot but with blood streaks..
Can mean onset of labour soon, but can also take a while so hang in there and get some rest till tightenings confirm things ((hugs))

fingers x'd and good luck! x x
ooooh well, lets see...was in B&Q with hubby as yet another halogen bulb had blown in the angled lights in the living room, so were practically sitting in darkness. Also hubby saw how nice and clean house was and seemed to want to help so said about getting stuff to put curtains up in nursery..... I digress...I was in B&Q waddling well, when the bhicks I felt was at least 3x as strong as they usually are.

Got home about half hour later, hubby was putting up curtains and asked me a question, I was distracted by another strong tightening and couldn't think to answer for a moment. Around this time I felt a slight twinge down below. Had to go to loo soon after & low and behold it was like someone had sneezed in my undies, not bloody as far as I could see (dark undies) but slightly jelliefied (tmi!).

I am not that surprised, it may be something or nothing, but I have been feeling nauseous for on/off 3 days now and was hit by severe hormonal swings this am, that and the odd sharp headache that comes and goes again, well my body certainly feels like it's gearing up for something!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Great stuff! in a ((hugs)) kinda way over the headache, pain and sickness way.

There is a great site www.contractionmaster.com if you want to keep track of the tightenings :)

Hope all goes well for you, let us know how it goes overnight if you are up I'll be looking in the morning! lol

P.S. 37 weeks today!! woohoo :D
woohoo indeed and thankyou!

I know of contractionmaster already, have it book marked on this computer and hubby has it as an app on his phone!

The tightening have gone off now, but definitely exciting! need to go to sleep, but am feeling really buzzy. I thought I would be frightened by labour, but actually am looking forward to it in a weird way. I think it helps I drempt I was holding my baby this morning. Hmmmmm as I type this am getting really strong back twinges, will sign off now, get my hot water bottles made and make my way to bed


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Best of luck Angie, it won't be long now!

Love Mini xxx
Back again! Only been sleeping lightly as aware of back spasms. Then woke fully as back spasm joined in with bump spasm. Have got up to have a quick cuppa and to refill my hot water bottles.

Throat, not wanting to feel left out, is also red raw lol!

Tightenings have passed for the moment. Get the feeling they are only practice ones. But if they get any more intense in the next few hours I am gonna have to break out the tens machine.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Hi Ang,
Great to read you got a bit of light sleep even disturbed is better than none.
The back and bump together is abour right for a contraction if you asked me to describe it - like a band tightening around the entire body, peaks then releases.
So.. if they are continuing and you've got the tens out, it may well be real.

How lovely you dreamt of holding your baby! ((Hugs)) Must've been thrilling - and being excited about labour is a GREAT thing - not strange hun, means mentally you are ready. In comparison to life it doesn't last long at all, and once in the later stages it passes quickly - time goes in a flash. lol

I think that's why people say they forget. :D And you do to a certain extent - my DH can remember things I can't. lol

Well anyway.. hope you are back in bed with your hot water bottle or tens. And doing fine.
I'm up.. with DH lol I woke him by accident and he can't get back to sleep - have been tossing and turning since 3am, got up at 5.30 with hip / bump discomfort. I even woke the baby bless her, she's gone back to sleep now though. lol


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hi Ange!!

Woohooo i hope baby is on the way!!

Hope you are feelin ok sweet and managed to get some rest...

Loads of love and luck cant wait to hear how today goes!!

Hi guys!
I had severe lower back/bump ache til the early hours.
Was lying there half asleep thinking 'blimey my back really hurts....hell that hurts even more, ow ow ow, stop now that hurts....what's this? my bump has joined in? ow, ow, ow my back hurts, ah it doesn't hurt now...where's my hot water bottles they don't seem to be working'
I then actually came round fully and thought okay better get my hw bottles refilled, that definitely felt way different to the bhicks I've been having.

However, they have passed off now (bugger!). Am hoping that me running about the house today trying to finish off nursery and sort baby bedding/clothes will bring on some movement. That and I am going to chance another trip out to M&S for tea and cake. Can't just stay in the house, I might not have any progress now for days.

I think I will just get up properly, have shower and then move about a bit, if the really strong tightenings come back I may stay put and see if my sis will bring me cake!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Aww that's a shame they've eased off, but sounds like they gave you a tiny taster of pain ;) Hope you were able to breath through them - all good practice on the hypno breathing front.

Hope you get all you want done today. :) And getting your sister round with cake sounds like a fab plan to me! lol

Have a great day - hope the sun is shining like it is with me.


My husband = My hero
This is not just any baby... This is an M&S baby...

hehehe imagine going in to labour in Marksies!! that would be a talking point Angie!!


Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Ooh if you had your baby in M&S you'd have to demand one of those choc puddings that melt in the middle.. with a dollop of lush cream... lol nothing else would do eh! lol
oooooh that sounds good. Nah! nothing on the contraction front, just the usual bhicks. Thought about going to see my sis and m&s but then had quite strong cramps in the shower this am (but nothing since....pooh!) so thought better of it. She came to mine we ate cake and chatted & sorted through some bags of baby stuff.

My head is a day behind, so have thought it is Thursday all today....it dawned on me that it wasn't and it's a colleagues retirement do right now going on til later tonight. Rang a friend/colleague who is picking me up in 15 minutes. Will go out for a couple of hours. I was hoping a little bit of boogying and a plate of buffet food may help speed up matters. Then my sis is coming over tomorrow to try and sort some more baby clothes. Obviously depending on any movement down from baby.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Enjoy yourself tonight! :D Definately wise to keep busy or you'll over think every twinge! lol

Glad you enjoyed the cake and your sister is coming to help out again tomorrow. :D
Hmmm cautious post this..... definitely am having a bloody show now and a few period like cramps just under bump. Well may be nothing, but it's also a sign that things are going in the right direction, even if I don't go into labour today

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