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  1. RWroe

    RWroe Full Member

    Hello everyone!

    Since starting Cambridge a week ago I have been reading diaries on here and thought it would be great to start my own to keep me focused and hear from people going through the same experience.

    Well first week done and I am feeling fab! Don't get me wrong days 2/3 were dark days where I thought is it all worth it, but with the support of my husband I got through them and so glad I did as 12lb down this week!! So exciting and the motivation I need to continue.

    I have a way to go but can see results already.

    there are so many reasons I need to lose weight and I have lots of goals in mind, but one that excites me the most is the thought of being a size 12 for my brothers wedding in May (currently a 22)! To stand there with the other bridesmaids (sizes ranging from 6-12) and not feel like the fat relation!!!

    So the journey begins..... Please join me and keep me motivated with your amazing journeys too!

    Good luck everyone! X
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  3. tomnkatesmum

    tomnkatesmum Silver Member

    Hi rwroe, sounds like your doing fab... This forum is great for support and essential when your having a hard moment!

    how's things been today?
  4. RWroe

    RWroe Full Member

    Hi Susan, today has been really good. I'm doing SS+ so had four today and liked them all! Porridge for breakfast, shake for lunch, soup for tea and now having a hot mint chocolate, lovely! Got my water in too!

    hows it been for you? I see from your stats you are doing really well:) Are you doing SS?
  5. tomnkatesmum

    tomnkatesmum Silver Member

    Sounds like a nice menu :)

    I didn't like the porridge and now mostly live on choc mint shakes and a couple of soups a week!

    I've justed finished week 9... Mostly it's been great, sometimes days are harder than others and early nights can be a god send, along with this forum, but it's so worth it! It feels slow at times, but the weight is going!

    I'm on phone do can't see your stats, how much do you have to lose?.I take it your tall as you've had 4 products today?
  6. RWroe

    RWroe Full Member

    Well done on completing week 9! That seems so far off for me at the mo.... I found my first weekend hard, but tried to keep busy. I've found I have liked most of the products I've tried which is great and using a hand blender seems to make them taste so much better than using a shaker!

    I was on the threshold for 4 meals at nearly 5ft8 and I have 7 stone to lose, well 6 now! Lol!
  7. rayna

    rayna New Member

    i hope i am not late to join the thread..i'm in my week 2...lost 9.7lbs in my 1st week.
    TBH, i cheated on the weekend and treated myself to some good food, eversince the weight lost has slowed down (even tho its expected on week 2). The hunger pangs are killing!! i need some support to go on.
  8. angelupnorth

    angelupnorth Gold Member

    Hi there

    Well done in the loss and welcome the the boards.
    A wedding / special occasion is a great goal to aim for and I'm sure you will be a stunning bridesmaid. A 12lb loss is amazing, keep up the good work x x x
  9. RWroe

    RWroe Full Member

    Thanks Angel, at the moment I can't see myself as a 12 as never been a 12, but it would be a amazing so I just need to stay focussed! Your diary is so inspiring!!

    Rayna, try not to give into the hunger pains! I am in keotsis but still seem to get then from time to time so either busy myself with something or down some water! It'll all be worth it in the end...

    Can't wait for weigh in Saturday and it's only Tuesday! ?
  10. tomnkatesmum

    tomnkatesmum Silver Member

    Hiya, I know it's hard, and done days you feel your counting the minutes, but you'll soon look back and be amazed at how quick the times gone, it's also great when you find the old clothes in the wardrobe that you couldn't squish into suddenly fit, or even better, are loose!

    Anyway, how's it going today?
  11. RWroe

    RWroe Full Member

    Today has been another good day :) Day 9 and still positive and not really struggling at all, which has really surprised me.

    Susan I am definitely looking forward to getting into clothes that I haven't for a while and then buying some new ones!! Got a big get together meal with friends at NY and that's my first goal, want to be a size 16.... Never thought it possible but my CDC thinks it is and I am now starting to believe it!

    my only slight downfall is I keep getting on the scales and can't let that demotivated me when I don't see a loss every time! Lol!

    how is everyone getting on? Keep up the good work! Xxx
  12. tomnkatesmum

    tomnkatesmum Silver Member

    Sounds like your doing fab and this us suiting you! I love fitting into old clothes, I had some a few weeks back I couldn't get into and now there loose, it's fab but you need to keep an eye on the wardrobe or you'll find you missed your chance to wear stuff! Lol!

    I know staying of the scales can be so hard, it's best if you can, maybe get someone else to hide them from you?! Is fine if it doesn't bother you, but if it can stop you continuing you want to be rid of them, for now at least.... Just remember though, weight fluctuates, all the time, sadly it's not an exact science!
  13. RWroe

    RWroe Full Member

    Think I will sort through wardrobe this weekend and put things in order of size so I don't miss anything!

    Might need to get hubby to hide the scales although I am realistic and know that weight can change daily even hourly and I know it'll be ok at weekly weigh in as I am sticking to plan 100% so how can it not be!

    hope everyone is doing well, how are you getting on Susan?
  14. Nikie

    Nikie Silver Member

    Hi RWroe! Came to catch up on your diary as promised!

    I think the motivation you have is going to help a lot with this plan; I have been doing so well because I had motivation for an event and generally, people planning for an occasion seem to be more focused. Thats not to say that the people (I keep typing 'women' and then remembering that there are men on this board!) who are doing it to lose weight and be more healthy in general aren't inspirational and successful, because they are. I just find that 'generally' they are able to take it a bit slower and therefore perhaps allow themselves a few more treats.

    When I posted about my size 16 trousers being too big, Tizzy told me to not wait too long to sort out my clothes as I would be rapidly going through them and she was right! I wore my size 14 Gap jeans a few times, but the other pair I only managed to wear TWICE before they went in the charity bag!

    I loved sorting through my clothes-real motivation! When I was a comfortable size 14 I started hanging my size 12 clothes up in my wardrobe and now I am wearing them! Soon be time for me to get the suitcase back out and start going through the size 10s as my next motivation!

    You are doing fab and I can't wait to follow your journey!
  15. RWroe

    RWroe Full Member

    Wow Nikie you are doing so well! Other diets I have followed things happen so slow and I give up and rarely get into any smaller sizes but I just know this diet is going to be different! I just can't wait to get into smaller sizes or even wear the ones I wear now without feeling like I am squeezed into them!

    I have a lot of motivation, not only my brothers wedding, but also a family/ friends Xmas and NY and also my OH and I really want to have children and after two and a half years, nothing has happened. We are going through the process of having tests to see if there is a problem and obviously my weight was also mentioned. They said they are not saying its the reason nothing has happened as there are plenty of people that are overweight and conceive, but I need to be in the best possible health and since starting CD I want to get to goal and then continue trying so I am in the best possible condition!

    losing this weight will change my life :)

    Hows everyone's week going? X
  16. RWroe

    RWroe Full Member

    Just a quick question.... Is there a way on here to get notifications of when people post on my thread and also sign up for notification for others? I am on an iPad and not sure if that makes a difference?
  17. tomnkatesmum

    tomnkatesmum Silver Member

    Hiya rwroe, I'm good thanks, sounds like your doing well..

    You can set something up so you get an email when someone posts on a thread your subscribed to but it's not perfect! Do you use the phone apps? They make or easier to see what's going on!

    How's this week going?
  18. RWroe

    RWroe Full Member

    So it's day 11 and a couple of things to report.... Firstly I have had my husband hide the scales while I was out tonight! I just can't help stepping on them and don't think it is doing me any good so now my weigh in will be once a week with my CDC! Secondly.... Sorry if this is too much information, but... I'm constipated!! It's making my feel bloated and giving me a stomach ache so not nice. CDC has said I can take dulcolax so have done tonight but may have to invest in some of the Cambridge fibre supplement... anyone else tried it or know how much it is?

    Other than that I am still feeling really positive and finding it all quiet easy..... At the moment!

    as I am on SS+ I have a small meal each day and the last couple of days has been salad with cottage cheese and have been really surprised at the portions of protein you get. I am finding its enough to fill me up so that's good too..

    Weigh in Saturday so really looking forward to that, would like to get 4lbs off if poss, I have stuck to it 100% so I really hope I do to make it all worth it!

    Hope you are all having a good week x
  19. RWroe

    RWroe Full Member

    Hi Susan, hope your week is going well? I use the app on my iPhone and on the iPad so I am finding it ok just need to work some of it out!!

    what day is your weight in?
  20. lauren2244

    lauren2244 Full Member

    Hi, I have just come across your diary and just want to say congratulations on your loss :) I am hoping to start the Cambridge diet in the next couple of days, just need to set up my first meeting with my consultant. I have ordered my xmas party dress a size too small to act as motivation :) xx
  21. J.D

    J.D Silver Member

    RW, I love your enthusiasm. I've got 2 Daughters and got caught pregnant both times after losing a bit of weight :) keep up the good work! I'm starting SS next week after my boyf's 30th party. One last knees up before the drastic change lol :) xx

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