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This is going to be a good weekend! :)


Is determined!
Woke up this morning feeling fantastic! Had a great week! Usually i dread the weekends but today i'm feeling positive. I don't know if its just me but this diet is definately getting easier....i don't feel hungry, and i havent had any cravings all week! I think now i've gotten out of the habit of eating, i don't think about it anymore, which is quite amazing as i used to think about food all the time!
Hope everyone has a great weekend :D xx
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Good girl. With an out look like that how can you fail. The weight will fall of this week! Whats the weather like today. A good brisk stroll in order? Thats what I'm up to (have to to keep up with kids on bikes!) Sunny day, sunny out look.


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Im working this weekend so not impressed! Still sticking with the diet tho :)


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I'm going to go for a walk up on the moor today, about 5 miles. Also my scabby mouth abscess is back so not tempted to eat in any way, which is good but also bad at the same time as it hurts!!!


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THIS WEEKEND IS GONNA ROCK!! C'mon peeps, lets glug that water & shed that flab!! WOOHOO!!
(sorry am feeling a bit mental after my WI!! lol)


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Yep- here's to a good one!

Going to start some light weight training to try and tone up as the weight is coming off - so will look into that this weekend.

Good luck everyone :)


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Hello all.

I hated weekends as this def use to be when i ate too much but this is the 1st weekend where i am not dreading it.

I too dont seem to miss food much either nowadays which is good and strange.


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so far i'm ok this weekend...though i keep wanting to replace visiting the fridge with visiting the shops instead. There's not much to buy either as there is no point in buying clothes and i am not the welathiest person so i will run out of money. lol

Oh well i'm looking forward to watching some films and having long baths. I would go out for a long walk but i haven't hit the energy zone yet and when i do a lot of exercise i feel a bit weak.


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Hey all.

I am stupidly excited today :bliss:as have my nieces christening this evening, and all relatives coming from far and wide.lol:talk017:

Im feeling bit funny though, as im having to low carb it this week until i can order more packs, and dreading having to have the hassle of deciding what to eat. I really dont feel like it!

God, did you ever think you would get to point where you are dying for a shake!! lmao

I have stocked up on cupasoups and taking all my vitamins so hopefully will be ok. fingers crossed.;)

Wish me luck!!:sigh:


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Hi all,
Hopeful for this weekend too. My OH is away and I am holed up at home working, but in a blissful state of non-drinking ease, I will briefly make an appearance at a friend's birthday later, breezing in after having driven and can therefore wear massive heels! In a dress I haven't been able to wear for a year!

I will then breeze off again after an hour or so, to a lovely late bath and a calm and hangover-free sunday morning. :angel09:

Am really liking these calm, hangover free, early rising and productive weekends! (she says, jinxing it entirely!)


Addicted to Minimins!
S: 18st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st3lb(1.15%)
Well am on my 3rd litre of water & just done 25 minutes on the mini-stepper! Such an exciting weekend i'm having! lol


Is determined!
Well i've been painting, painting and more painting! Just stopped for a minimins break, it is now officially my daily treat lol :)
But tomorrow we are going on a family outing, there's 8 of us and we are doing laser quest, bowling, and then....Nando's i havent yet been out for a meal on CD, it'll be water all evening for me! :)

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