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  1. stevie.J

    stevie.J Full Member

    Hi everyone,

    My names Stevie i'm 33 years old and have a whole lot of poundage to loose !! I have been a fad dieter in the past slimming world, weight watchers, cambridge, 5:2 you name it i've probably tried it, I usually loose a few stone then put it back on. Just after new year I was admitted to hospital unexpectedly with shortness of breath, and TBH it scared the crap out of me !!! lightbulb moment !!! Now that my breathing is alot better I have decided to embark on calorie counting. I'm using My Fitness Pal which is allowing me 1310 calories a day, plus i'm walking the dog everyday using Map My Walk. I am going to read through the diaries on here for inspiration and to gain the motivation I need.

    Here's to a slimmer 2014 :D
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  3. BeckyBoo93

    BeckyBoo93 Member

    Hi :). I'm finding calorie counting great so far. I've also been on a lot of diets in the past so I know what you mean. Best of luck! I'll subscribe now.
  4. Lisa123

    Lisa123 Silver Member

    Good luck.

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  5. stevie.J

    stevie.J Full Member

    Thankyou very much ladies :)
  6. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    Welcome & best of luck to you!
  7. stevie.J

    stevie.J Full Member

    TYVM :)
  8. stevie.J

    stevie.J Full Member

    Here's the first entry

    Breakfast ~ 40g quaker oats made with 150ml water and 150ml semi skimmed milk, granulated sweetner, coffee with milk ~ 252 kcal

    Lunch ~ 3 egg white omelette with cottage cheese, 100g broccoli, 75g sugar snap peas, frylight ~ 180 Kcal


    Tea ~ Pork roast dinner, roasties, 1 yorkshire, cabbage and leek, peas and carrots, stuffing and apple sauce, gravy ~ 709 Kcal

    Snacks ~ Cordial, 100g white grapes, medium apple, 2 coffees ~ 166 kcal

    Total for the day 1307/1310 + 290

    Also walked dog for 35 mins which burned 290 kcals.
  9. BeckyBoo93

    BeckyBoo93 Member

    Your food for today sounds so nice! Jealous. You got quite a lot of food for your calories too which is always good.
  10. stevie.J

    stevie.J Full Member

    Yeah I had less for lunch to accommodate my tea lol

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  11. stevie.J

    stevie.J Full Member

    First day back at work since not being well, went good and picked up some bargains aswell, blueberries 60p, big bag of lettuce 18p, fresh veg pot 38p, and some Liberte yogs for 66p.

    Breakfast ~ 40g porridge oats made with water, granulated sweetner, coffee ~ 177 Kcal

    Lunch ~ Wholemeal ham salad roll, cheese curls, golden delicious ~ 306 Kcal

    Tea ~ Salmon fillet, side salad, baked potato, Liberte yogurt ~ 789 Kcal

    salmon tea.jpg

    Snacks ~ coffee ~ 25 Kcal

    Total for the day 1297/1310 No exercise today
  12. stevie.J

    stevie.J Full Member

    Breakfast ~ 2x weetabix, 200ml semi skimmed milk, sweetner, banana, brew ~ 371 Kcal

    Lunch ~ 2 slices medium bread, half tin spaghetti ~ 329 kcal

    Tea ~ 3 slices of bacon, 1 sausage, 2 poached eggs, baked beans, 1 slice toast and 1 large open mushroom ~ 709 Kcal

    No snacks

    Total for the day 1409/1429 got 119 calories from walking dog
  13. stevie.J

    stevie.J Full Member

    Bit of a boozy weekend, but I've not drank since christmas, so thats my excuse, I did jump on the scales yesterday and lost the grand total of 3lbs so can't be that bad :) I went over calories on friday and saturday because of said alcohol but I was well under calories earlier on in the week through exercise so i'm hoping it evened it out.

    Fridays food

    Breakfast ~ 2 weetabix with semi skimmed milk, 1 apple ~ 251 Kcal

    Lunch ~ Liberte yog and coffee ~ 107Kcal

    Tea ~ Cheese and onion pie ( made by myself) oven chips, and baked beans ~ 952Kcal

    Snacks ~ Bottle of echo falls ~ 498Kcal

    Total for the day 1808/1310 ~ 498 Calories over

    Saturdays food

    Breakfast ~ Nothing

    Lunch ~ Chicken salad sandwich on white, with yogurt ~ 336 Kcal

    Tea ~ Half a ham and pineapple pizza & half of a Diavolo pizza ~ 827 Kcal

    Snacks ~ 1 bottle of echo falls white wine ~ 498 Kcal

    Total for day 1661/1310 ~ 351 calories over

    Goal for the week DRINK LESS WINE !!!
  14. stevie.J

    stevie.J Full Member

    The shortness of breath is back :( so unable to exercise. Doc has given me a steroid inhaler this time instead of oral steroids so just waiting for it to kick in. Anyways heres yesterdays food.

    Monday 27th January

    Breakfast ~ Chocolate rice cake and a brew ~ 107kcal

    Lunch ~ Half tin of tomato soup, slice of toast and yogurt ~ 302kcal

    Tea ~ Spaghetti and meatballs with tomato sauce and side salad, WW dessert ~ 830kcal

    Total for the day 1239/1310 ~ 71Kcal under

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