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This is it!!

Ok well at the moment I'm stil in bed! Afraid to start the day! Other half is in the kitchen I can smell the toast so um waitin for all that to be cleared before I go down! Hopefully once I get into swing of things it won't be so hard!
Just wanted to say good luck with your diet:), the first few days are the hardest but it does get easier x I look forward to seeing how you get on. :D
Im on Day 7 of my VLCD similar to Lipotrim and it does get easier x We can do this.. Let me know how you get on
It is tough but I am determined to do it! I keep imagining my out come and it's alot happier one if I fail:)
Day 2 goin well so far I hav nearly picked few things and quickly stopped! Just think the amount of things I could hav picked on and forgot about after it's scary!!

Here's to a new us :):)
We wont fail x:D This is the year we will do it, I do have wobbly moments (not my body wobbling lol ;)) but am working through them. We can do this and its great that we can support each other x
Good luck, just wanted to let you know, that it really does get easier I did a VLCD a couple of years ago, unfortunately my life got complicated so I put it all back on and I'm just doing diet and exercise now, however while on LL I lost 4 stone in 4months, so it can be done, the job then is keeping it off, I highly recommend following their maintenance plan, I stupidly didn't.

Good luck, I know you can do it if you stick to it, it does work.
This website is fantastic I can honestly say I prob would hav fallen off the wagon by now if I hadn't had come on here and posted or read other pals posts!
I plan on doing lipotrim for 3 months and I wil defo do the refeed I think the maintenance will prob be the toughest

Best of look guys
Ok well start of day 3 today and I'm defo not as hungry:)
I do hav to meet family for a dinner today but they are meeting at 4 so I thought I'd go about 5 that way they wil be finished there meal!
Ok that was bloody tough! I nearly gave in about 10 times! Now I'm home made toast for kids and I swear I feel sick wit the hunger I'm soooooo tempted to have a slice!
I'm off to bed before I drive myself mad!
Just remember that if you slip up unfortunately you need to start all over again as you will slip out of Ketosis, stay strong and away from the toast, drink plenty as this really does help with the hunger pangs and will make you lose the weight quicker too.

Another tough day! Tried the mouse and chicken soup and I nearly puked! So I didn't hav my full shakes hope that won't effect my loss! I made up for them with extra water!
Partner is down stairs eating popcorn he just made and omg the smell:( in fairness he is bn very supportive with the diet so far none of my other family have they all think I'm mad and just starving myself! It makes me more determined to finish it:)
Hi x
Just to say keep strong, :D, These diets are v hard and I had a few wobbly moments myself this weekend but I managed to stay 100% and now Im so glad I did stay strong. . We can do this xx
Thanks a mill for the support:)
It's the evening time that is really getting to me! I thought I was in ketosis but I dunno now! I'm fine during the day I'm more an evening eater so I'm finding it hard then! Day 5 now and I am determined to be 100%
Keep strong x We can do this, I also find the evenings the hardest, I save half a bar to have with a cup of tea at about 8pm and that has been helping x:D

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