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This is it!!!!

Hi everyone :needhug:

Today is day 1 of Exante TS. I have had one hell of a terrible week :cry: it has definatley been a lightbulb moment... or a serious of moments. I'll start my diary by noting some of the horrible moments so i can look back and remember if i am struggling.

"is there any room at the buffet for this tray" - "There will be in a minute Lisa's here"

"How many sugars do you want in tea? 50?"

" look at your big fat tummy"

"We'll wait for the next lift don't want it crashing to the ground"

"Im surprised your not going for that bit?" While pointing to largest piece of cake on table.

Can you tell this was a weekend with the inlaws? The only one that was sort of acceptable was the big fat tummy comment as this was an 8 year old, the rest was adults.

I have had enough. I wont lose control this time i cannot stand living like this a minute longer, these people will eat their horrible words i promise.

Wish me luck! x
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oh Hun, that's awful. But use it as a positive, use it as ammo. I had the nephew ask me once if I was going to have a baby. Mortified!
wow what lovely in laws you have , when you have got to your target weight and are a yummy mummy make sure you thank them for making you so miserable that you did something about it !!! People think they can be so nasty to overweight people , they wouldnt say tehse things to ugly people , or disabled people so why do people think they have to rite to say it to anyone ?? grrrrrrr

however their spiteful comments have lead you here , to the amazing world of Exante and minimins :D It is an amazing diet and gives amazing results . The support on this forum is fantastic and I couldnt have got this far without it , so make good use of us :D

How is day 1 going ?? good luck with it xxxxx
what horrible people!!! at least you can do something about your weight which is more than can be said for their manners?? im in shock! xx


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Huge ((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))) what awful people - and at least you CAN and WILL change your weight - sadly they can't change being awful people!

Don't let other people hurt you with their spiteful comments, it is so easy to judge others, I think they need to take a long hard look in the mirror!

Stick with it hun, you can do it this time and we are all here to help you along the way :)


Doing it exante style :)
Omg what lovely in-laws you've got! I can't wait to hear what they'll have to say when your all slim and gorgeous :D
You show them hun xx
warning: mentioning food.

well almost finished the last piece of bar for the day :-s starting to get hungry now but i am determined i wont break.

Did have a moment of wonder! Was cooking husbands dinner of chicken breast, carrots, sweet corn and green beans, boiled potatoe and i must admit i did wonder "why cant i just have this? its healthy" but i would like to get a good few stones off using exante then i can think about dreaded food.

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