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this is it!!

im back, after a few months off dieting and my cambridge counsellor quitting being a cdc i was stuck at a loose end.

So ive started lipotrim and im sooo determined to shift this 8st.

Im on day 2 totally starving and craving absolutely anything im peeing like a racehorse and i have thee worst headaches and moods today aswell as being absolutely frozen, i know it will pass but the days seem to drag when all you can think of is food:cry:.

well now that ive written it down i might start to feel better.
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Hope you feel soon.... I won't say it'll pass as you know that lol...

We're all here to help though!!! And all going through a very similar time!!! Hope you start to feel better soon!!! x
Good luck Try to get distractions. We are lucky we are doing this when the weather is rather mild. I can not imagine how difficult TFR would be during winter months

My weigh in is on Wednesdays
weigh in week 1 -13st 1lb
week 2 -12st 4lb -11lbs lost
week 3
week 4
youll be amazed how quick the weight comes off. i started doing jigsaws again to pass the time. its amazing how long you can sit doing a jigsaw for and not even realize how long youve been sat there. this website is a bit like that, so make sure you come on here as often as you can.

good luck hun and keep up the good work, it does become just part of life.

thanks every one,

well day 6 and im still surviving (just) today has been the worst day so far as the weekends i dnt work so finding it difficult pushing certain thoughts away. however weigh in on monday so looking forward to that.
thanks lass
thanks x
I striggle at weeekend too.... but a weigh in monday should keep you on track!!!! Good luck for tomorrow, don't forget to let us know how you get on!!! xxxx

well only lost 6lb which i was really dissapointed with i know its a good loss but you always expect a decent loss on your 1st week and i followed it 100% and its not my totm so was a bit flabbergasted. and to make matters worse the women at the chemist said that no one ever gets double figures ever at a weekly weigh in but i know people do i have in the past with cambridge i lost 15lb in my 1st week so was a bit down i ended up eating a weight watchers meal last night but im back 100% today as i feel better. i was telling the woman that weighe me how am hating this bad breath and ken what she said it will pass its just toxins leaving your body i felt like saying to her actually its ketosis and it wont pass i know more about this than her, so am not really happy with my pharmacy as it doesny feel very proffesional but ill battle on lol,

sorry for going on lol
sorry to hear that your pharmacy is not very supportive, you are back on track now - that brill. Don't let that put you off - let it make you more determined. drink loads of water and get out for some brisk walks. LOL

My weigh in is on Wednesdays
weigh in week 1 -13st 1lb
week 2 -12st 4lb -11lbs lost
week 3
week 4
I'm sorry you were disappointed, still 6 lb is a long way in the right diretcion so well done. It is also always disappointing when the 'professionals' show they don't actually have a clue isn't it. I would have had more respect for her if she'd admitted she didn't know why it was giving you bad breath! Anywway take care and many more weight loss days to come!

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