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Hi am oin to start a diary on here as i think it will help keep me on track. i started my diet on 1st september. well day one didnt go to well my mum and dad decided to take me and my son out, we ended up goin for food. well i couldnt sit there with a shake so just orderd a salad, and a water. i then decided to miss my last shake aswell to make up for what id eaten.
Yesterday was day 2 and i think that went quite well had all my water and didnt cheat. i did end up in bed at 8pm tho as i was so tired, my sons goin threw the 2's so thats an energy zapper as it is without the diet ontop. lol.
Got up this morning and feeling ok i cudnt help it but went on scales, i was only in my underwear so think if i ad lb to it for my pjs i ad on when i first weighted mtself at start then i might hae lost 2lb. I hope thats right as i dont thinks thats bad with one day of me cheating an only one good day.
That was abit of an essay but i think this is more for me. lol
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Well its the start of day 4, im feeling a little dizzy 2day. Iv been finding it hard to drink all the shakes. im just manging 2lt of water a day. Iv not felt hungry yet tho, but i dont no if thats a good thing or a bad thing. Hope i have a good weight in this week to keep me motivated.
iv just took the test for kitoses and im glade to say im finally in it, wish i was one of them that ad a burst of energy but i feel so week.
hey well doen for getting this far , it does get easier and you energy may increase . I dont get a burst of energy and to be honest I neer feel much different when I am in ketosis to when I am not but I get by !! I have a 2 year old too , they sure do keep you on your feet , she is starting pre school next week so looking forward to 2 free mornings , may even try and do some exercise ( or maybe just go back to bed !!!!) keep it up , you are doing great :)
Well done keep up the good work. Together we can do this once and for all.Im finding it helpful having a diary this time helps keep you goin knowing you are not alone. Bfn xx
when i look at people like u it inspires me to keep with it. hows u body actually copted with it with regards to fast weight loss an excess saggy skin if u dont mind me asking.


Violet is shrinking
Well done, the first few days are always the hardest, so well done for getting through them..I'm sure you'll soon start to feel a bit better as the days go on :)
I just started a topic about this hun some people have replied it's in 100% total I'm too worried about the excess skin. My skin is I feel saggy already and worry it will get worse. I feel I lift my arms and my bingo wing skin drops down haha xx
add a peek at my weight this morning an think iv lost 7lb an iv got 3days to go. im not gettin my hopes up tho for lot more as i no u can go up an down from day 2 day, but id like to av los atleast 8lb in my first week. im hopin for 1st 7lb by end of this month, with it being my first month.
think im finding it funny that i dont feel hungry yet iv not eaten in 4 nearly 5 days.
Well last night i caved to food. went to see blackpool lights and my dad took us for food, was goin to just get a salad but anded up gettin an italian chicken an potatos ect. the only good part of it was the water i got.
weight myself this morning an iv gain a lb bk. my weigh in is 2moz and was hopin for 8lb but think im only goin 2 av lost bout five we will see in the morning anyways.
really down for my first weigh in 2moz, feel really bad for eatin yesterday as i no ur first weeks normally ur best an mines not goin 2 b.
if i av a maintain this week ill b happy, i really want to get to atleast 14st by 1st october so if iv stayed the same thats 11.5lb i need to lose in just over 2 weeks so im bk on it 2moz 100%, an hope i get there, ill b posting my weigh in 2moz.
Well stayed the same like i thought, but im quite happy with that considerin how much iv eaten. Bk on track from 2day 100% TS for next 16day till my partners bday meal on 1st. Hope i get to 14st by then.
well went on scales this morning an even tho its only 2days (3rd day 2day) into my 3rd week it says im 3lb lighter, would like another 3 lb this week an ill b happy. would b only 2lb to stone then.
well iv been 100% 2day an iv got 11day left till go out for fiance birthday me and hope can lose a good amout. iv just ordered myself a new black dress in 2sizes a 18 an 16 and hope its the 16 ill get to keep.
weigh in 2moz really want a 3.5lb weight loss this week, ad a peek at sacles this morning an it was 2lb off so just hope iv lost another 1.5 2day. really want to see that scale showing 13st at the start instead of 14st by 1st october. 9 day to do it, i dont even caret it only said a point somethin under 14st. fingures crossed.
well didnt get my 3.5lb like wanted but a 2lb weight loss is still a loss.2 see the 13st that i want id av to loss 10lb in next 9 days, hopin that iv got exc water an if i up my water over next 9 days that ill lose it an lose that 10lb. fingures crossed
Well iv got 1 week till my fiances birthday meal and would love to see a 13 on the scales instead of 14st so im planning on being 100% from 2day till next saturday evening and really want to lose 10lb, i no it sounds alot for a week but hope because iv been on the diet for 3weeks but iv not ad 1 week of being 100% that ill manage it. Im also starting the gym on monday and hope it help if i go there at least 1hr a day till then to get them extra lbs off. Iv got a dress from cataloge aswell and it fits but little snug so if i get them lbs off ill b able to wear it for the night out.

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