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This is me...


Fab & Fit For Florida
just want to introduce myself...

i'm Sara and i am meeting with a councellor at 2pm today to start CD...

a very good friend of mine started and in 8 weeks lost 31lbs, me and her are very alike... we have struggled with other diets...

i got to the point where i was smuggling food into the bathroom so people wouldn't see me eat it and it dawned on me "what on earth am i doing?!"

so, this is me, i'll be dotting about on here hopefully succeeding :)
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awe best of luck to you hunny..

great support here, we all been there done that, i used to hide food down my knickers and go to the bathroom.. i was terrible lol..

this is the best diet anyone can do, its so strict but it stops us from eating.. the first 4 days are hard though, once you pass them you will be great :)

keep coming here, post anything.. doodle anything :)

get yourself a ticker too, just click on mine and you will be transferred to tickerfactory where you can make one too and then copy and paste the link in user cp at the top in your sig (dont mean to confuse) its great when you see the pounds going down...

best of luck to you :)


Fab & Fit For Florida
hiya,best of luck to ya. Let us know how you get on with your counsellor.Mini's is fab for support/advice etc

becky x
well my appointment is with her at 2pm - bit apprehensive... but need to think of what i want to achieve and how it is all going to be worth it x


Busy busy busy!!
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Good luck - stick to it, drink plenty of water, come on here and you'll do brilliantly!


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Good luck with it chick, you'll do fab as long as you stick to it through the rough 1st week.xxx
hey - good luck...get over the 1st 4 days then it is fine from there as long as you are focused. keep coming on here for support and motivation! x


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good luck and welcome to cd and minimins. if u ever need any advice or support just come on here and ask and dont be afraid to ask silly questions becauses chances r, 5 others are thinking the same thing!!
good luck with ur weightloss journey....looking forward to hearing all about it xx


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Hope it goes well!

i echo what you say about sneaking food, I used to hide food behind the sofa and eat it when my hubby wasn't in the room:eek::( Stupid hey!

Anyway, hope it goes well and we see you posting loads!


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Welcome onboard!!! Good luck with the journey xx


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Hello and welcome. As everyone else has said once week one is over it does get alot easier.

Good Luck xx
Hi Hon! Welcome :D I know exactly where u are coming from. The amount of times I have waited for people to leave the office so I can eat as much more crap as I possibly can :eek: Those days are gone now and we can do this! :)

Aunt Bam

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:welcome:and the Best of luck.

I'm a newbie too but I officially start CD next week. For the last week I've been sticking to a very low calorie and drinking at least 4 litres of water a day, and I feel so much better for it. I'm so amazed I've managed to lose 9lbs already:party0011::party0011:.

Best of luck Goolian you won't regreat your decision to go with CD it really is a great diet, especially after the first week. And like everyone says the secret is to drink loads of water!
Yes you dot on here and not the bathroom ok , Because if your not here we know where to look for you ha ha You don't need luck you just need a strong mind and us


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Welcome and good luck! How did you get on at the meeting? xx
Welcome, best of luck with the diet and any time you are struggling come on here for support ;)

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