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This is my journal to keep me on track!

I thought I would start this thread so that I could keep myself on track, I've never done this before but notice that alot of you do it so it must help!

Well, officially day 3 of CD packs alone, but 5th day on low carb and I'm in Ketosis...waaayha...!! I think I was in ketosis yesterday because when I awoke my mouth tasted awful but my strips didn't arrive til this morning so have only just tested and it's all good! I'm not going to say how much I've lost just yet because I want to use Mondays as my weigh in date...but it's fab....lol!

Have found it really easy this time, but I think doing two days on low carb made all the difference, I only had a slight fuzzy head on day two, I've been fine ever since! Last time I did CD I went cold turkey and I think I spent most of the week in a zombie state!

Would you believe it, as I'm trying to keep this diet a secret for the first few weeks, hubby, son and daughter haven't noticed mum isn't eating - well probably because when hubby is on day shift we all have to eat at different times but when he's on nights we all sit together - anyway, I'm sure I will be found out at the weekend...lol!

Still abit tired, drinking 4-5 litres per day..

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Hi Susan. Well done for starting a diary thread. Mine really helps me to keep focused and on track most of the time lol.

SOunds like youve had a really good start to the diet. Cant wait to hear your WI result on Monday. Are you doing SS?
Yes, I am doing SS, it's the only way for me at the moment, I really do need a break from food, I felt like it had taken over my life and I was completely out of control. It has been my only comfort through back pain. But, knowing I have to get fit and slim for my holiday has 'made me' stick to this!

Cheers susan :)
Well, the weekend is here, always dread weekends and I'm cold, scales are still moving though, can't wait to report my first week loss on Monday - I do feel so much better, it's unbelievable how much just one week on CD makes such a difference!

Just cooked my son veggie bacon and eggs before he goes off to footy practise and have to do the same in a min for hubby, who hasn't yet cottoned on that I'm back doing CD....he's been working long hours all week so thought I wouldn't mention it! It's hard cooking for the family whilst on CD as I'm sure many of you know but I think it's part of the challenge!

Decorating this weekend so that should keep me busy!!

It's strange that when I am doing CD I seem to enjoy/torture myself by watching cookery programmes AND I love food shopping for the family when I am doing CD...what's that all about? Oh and why is that every flaming advert is about food..lol!

Here's to a successfull weekend...:party0019:

Have a good weekend( i hate weekends on CD). Hope u have a fab loss on monday.


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i find weekends really hard on LL. me and my boyf had gotten into a pattern of getting a take-away at least once during the weekend and its something i really miss. after we had our meal and we were nice and full we wud cuddle and watch tv until it was bed time. but i cant relax at weekends as my head is doing overtime syaing 'uve been really good all week, u deserve a chinese, ull feel a lot better after you have one'. complete nonsense but that doesnt mean u can stop thinking it.
yes, we usually have a chinese every other weekend, had one last weekend so it's ok this weekend, I'm doing pretty well today, been keeping busy, hubby and I have been painting and he hasn't noticed I haven't eaten yet - bless him, didn't even blink an eye when I was mixing up a chocolate shake in my blender and warming it up...he probably thought it was just an ordinary chocolate drink....well that's men for ya..lol! I'm going to see how long I can keep the diet up before he notices that I am on it...that'll be fun - as long as he doesn't leave it too long...lol!!

Oh, I've just done hubbies and sons tea, lovely margarita pizza, garlic bread, sweet potato chips and fresh salad from the garden (sorry girls, I know I shouldn't be listing the food like this) but it did look lovely..not too unhealthy! then scarpered into the other room where the pc is...now I'm on here to avoid temptation...:eek:


this time - the last time
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I too see to take pleasure it watching cookery/food programmes!

I also love smelling other people's food! If I'm wavering though - I need to be as far away from it as possible!! he he!
Sunday...hate em...I am soooooooo tired today, couldn't even manage the walk with the dogs and I usually do that everyday, wanted to eat, not much just a piece of toast or a piece of cheese....BUT I HAVEN'T......everytime I want to eat I just think of my holiday and I snap back out of it!!
I'm going to have a long soak in the bath later when everyone is having their sunday dinner around 5pm! I have to cook it for 5 as my daughter and her boyfriend are coming over...they don't know I'm doing the diet again!
Hubby just taken my 14 year old to play footy for his team so I have a few hours to myself, but I am so cold I'm going to snuggle in bed for an hour before preparing the food!

Roll on Monday...weigh in day..

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LOL, has your husband noticed yet? I only told my kids and brother about the diet. Everyone else knows I'm trying to cut down and after 9 weeks no one has noticed that I'm not eating!
I also have to smell food sometimes, it seems to help I don't know why! My girls had some maltesers the other day (sorry!) and when I sniffed them they made me feel sick. I'm ashamed to admit that I could easily eat 2 family bags of them in an evening before CD and thought it very strange how horrid they now smelt! Hope this lasts.
Well, just put the Sunday dinner out...and left the room..lol! Awww it looked amazing, must admit it was all to perfection - we have a chicken style vegetarian roast and it's gorgeous! Hubby and son came in just as I was putting it out and asked where was my plate but didn't bat an eye when I said I'd had mine...lol!

I'm be glad when today is over, I think day 6 has been the toughest day yet, can't wait for the energy to kick in!

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