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This is not a diet diary...

So last month I was made to stand on the scales at my Doctor's office. I was relieved to see that the number of lbs didn't start with a 2, but it was pretty damn close. Over the past 12 months or so I'd managed to sneak on about 20 lbs, how did that happen! I guess not going to the gym and eating poorly didn't help.
So I decided to rejoin Slimming World only I'm in Canada and there are no groups here:( My only choice was to join Bodyoptimise online and the 1st few weeks didn't go to well, so as of Nov 7 I actually broke down and bought some bathroom scales and restarted my SW progress.
So back to the Doc for my bi-annual medical and to the results of my bloodwork. Doc tells me my cholesterol is high and I have increased risk of heart-attack or stroke and that I should go on statins to control it! Well, I don't like that idea at all and ask if it could be controlled by a change in diet...he says "unlikely, you would need to lose at least 30 lbs"!
I told him I'd like to at least try, so I need to change my lifestyle not just my diet. That's why this is not a diet diary. I've had it with diets...if I had a £ for every time I'd tried a diet, I could afford a personal trainer on staff :)
Since that's not the case, I had been trying to find some way of getting support in my quest. A search for Slimming World in iPhone apps got me here and I hope by writing this I can stay on track.
My restart was 191 lbs (13 St 9 lbs) on Nov 7 and my 1st target is 10%, so that brings me to 172 lbs. (12 St 4 lbs).

Feel free to leave me comments and Good Luck to all the other non-dieters out there too.
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Hi Alpzzy
:thankyou: I just checked out your progress pics and they are amazing. You must feel so proud...now I need to read your diary to see how you achieved such a fantastic journey.

My exercise choices are a little limited right now, my work schedule makes it hard to have a regular time for the gym and I am recovering from a sore back (suspected bulging disk) that popped last month. On the one hand this ws another prompt for me to lose the weight but, as I write this, I realise I have been using that as another excuse not to get off my ass and do something.
So far, I've thought a lot about walking but not actually done any. You have given me something to think about today...
Winter is coming and I'm not a very outdoorsy kind of person...actually I'm not even slightly outdoorsy so I need something I can still do when there is snow on the ground. Maybe I'll get lucky and I'll get a Wii for xmas ;)...note to self, start dropping heavy hints to family.
As soon as I figure out what I'm doing, I'll update it here.
I need to go public with my food diary if I'm going to stick with it.
My weigh in day is Sunday this makes today Week 2, Day 4, Extra Easy Day:
Weight watchers bun (HEb)
Laughing cow light triangle (1.5)
Fried egg, no fat
Tomato ketchup (0.5)

Snack: V. large Cup of tea with milk from allowance (not much of a snack really)

Lunch: Roasted butternut squash (0)
Roast pork tenderloin (0)
0.5 cup chicken instant Bisto gravy (2.5)
1 Banana + fat-free lemon meringue yogurt (0)
Feeling quite full now :).

Snack: Apple (0)

Curried Salmon fillet (0) + Diced mediterranean veg with fresh spinach in Mango chutney sauce (2) + basmati rice (0)

Snack: Instant coffee made milk allowance (HEa)+ pack of Oreo Thinsations (5)

Total Syns: 11.5 (YEAH!) :clap:
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OK, Week 2, Day 5, EE again:
2 Weetabix (HEb) + Skimmed milk (HEa)
Cup of tea with 2% milk (2 tbsp 0.5)

Snack: Apple

Lunch: Same as yesterday, left overs again! (2.5 for gravy).

Snack: Apple

Dinner: Salmon, baked potato with corn and fat-free sour cream (1.5). Water.

Total Syns: 4.5
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Week 2, Day 6, EE again:
Breakfast: 2 Weetabix (HEb) + skimmed milk from allowance (HEa) + handfull of fresh blueberries (0).
Cup of tea with milk.

Lunch: Pea & ham soup (0). Greek chicken wrap (lettuce (0), grilled chicken (0), feta cheese (4), 2 tablespoons Tzatziki sauce (2) in white tortilla(6))...only ate half and had other half for dinner.

Snack: 2 plums

Late snack: Grainshop cereal (6 syns) + rest of milk from HEa.

Total Syns: 18...ah well, syns values for sandwich were guesstimated at best. Not that I'mmaking excuses or anything you understand. :D
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It's Week 2,Day 7 which means weigh in so here goes....so I'm 2.5 lbs down :party0011:
HURRAH! I'm on track as I'm aiming for 1.5 to 2.5lbs a week.
I think next week I'm going to start switching things up a bit with red and green days instead of extra easy. Not sure how it will go as last time I used to use a lot of Quorn on green days. But I can't get Quorn here and I haven't found anything else that even comes close to the taste and texture.

For today's food I have had:
Brunch: bacon (no fat 0), 2 fried eggs (no fat 0), 1 WW's bun (HEb), beans (0) + cup of tea.

Snack: Persimmon + kiwi fruit

Dinner: Cauliflower & Broccoli soup. Half a piece of roast chicken breast (0) with steamed ribbon courgettes in balsamic vinegar/olive oil dressing (2)

An absolutely delicious Lindor chocolate (4) (all the more tasty because it was free,as in I didn't have to pay for it, not SW free :rolleyes:). Managed to make it last for most of a cup of tea. Ron ate the other two to save me from myself...he loves me so much.

Total Syns: 6
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Still feeling quite happy with my 2.5 lb loss last week and even got in some exercise, even if it was only going up and down my stairs at home. I hadn't realised how unfit I had become, by the fifth time going up I was starting to get out of breath and my legs were aching!
So Week 3, Day 1 with a vengeance...Green or Red day, haven't decided yet. it could go either way depending on dinner:
Breakfast: 2 x Weetabix (HEb) with fresh blueberries (0) and skimmed milk (HEa)
Snack: 2 x Apple (0)
Lunch: Homemade broccoli and cauliflower soup (you'll see a bit of this soup this week as I made enough for several lunches, assuming myhusband doesn't nab it), (0) and 3 Ryvita crackerbreads (half a serving, haven't worked out the Syns yet...turns out to be 1 per cracker so 3).
Snack: 2 more crackers (2) with 1 tsp peanut butter (1.5) and a mashed banana...this was so good, OMG.
Note to self, You're not drinking enough water,must drink more.
Total Syns: 6.5
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Hi read your diary up to now and your doing really well. I was looking for the slimming world app too and found this. I'm re-joining slimming world tomorrow. Last time I joined I lost two and a half stone. I was 15 then, now I'm 18 and a stone heavier then I was when I first joined !! Nervous to go back but I know I have got to. Going to start a diary tomorrow!! Good luck with your weight loss :) xx
Hi read your diary up to now and your doing really well. I was looking for the slimming world app too and found this. I'm re-joining slimming world tomorrow. Last time I joined I lost two and a half stone. I was 15 then, now I'm 18 and a stone heavier then I was when I first joined !! Nervous to go back but I know I have got to. Going to start a diary tomorrow!! Good luck with your weight loss :) xx
Thanks Amber. The last time I joined I lost over 2 stone to get to 10st 10lb. I think the time previous to then for me to be that weight would have been pre-pubescent :) So I know exactly what you mean.
That was over 10 years ago and slowly but surely (OK, maybe not so slowly), the weight went back on and then some. My mini goal is to get to 172 lbs.My ultimate goal is to get to at least the 10 st 10 I was then as I remember being pretty happy with the way I looked then.
The good news is you are tackling this now after only 3 years, so good on you,it's taken me 10....I can be such a procrastinator.
My husband loves me regardless, and that has allowed me to keep putting it off and putting it off until now I need to lose twice as much. But that's why we're here right?
The first steps are the hardest but it feels good to be doing something about it, I'm sure you'll agree?
You've taken those first steps, you know you can do it, you just need to be reminded how and that's what the SW class and all us Minimins are here for.
Good luck with your non-diet too :)
Congrats on the loss Hun xx
Awww, Thanks for the encouragement. It does feel kinda good to have two weeks in a row. I even splashed out on a Lindor chocolate lasy night in celebration. So many Syns (4) or just over 70 calories in such a small chocolate!...but it was very delish and I managed to make it last for almost a whole cup of tea by just taking little nibbles. Seems to have satisifed any chocolate craving I might have been denying :)
You're doing well too, I just don't think I could cope on the up and down days you do though. I guess that's why there are so many varied diets...and people making lots of money off us....hahahaha :)
Keep it up, we'll be the ones smiling in the end at how incredibly fabulous we all are.
Week 3, Day 2,

So another day and not off to a good start as the alarm didn't go off. So there we were running around like lunatics trying to put lunches and morning coffees together.
Thank god I had lots of soup in the fridge and for the portability of dry cereal :)
Breakfast: 2 x Weetabix (HEb) shoved in a ziplok bag with some fresh blueberries (0). Bought some skimmed milk on the way to work and built breakfast in my office.
Lunch: Broccoli and Caully soup (0) with 3 Ryvita crackerbread (3) spread with mashed banana (0)...yum! Kinda like a crispy open-faced banana sandwich...I used to love banana sandwiches as a kid, why do we forget how tasty they were?
Snacks: 2 x apples
Dinner: No idea yet...I'm sure I'll come up with something...Turns out I didn't have to because Ron decided to make supper :) and so it became a green day. So we had baked Potato (0) with chili (6 sins) made from can of ready made chili with extra can of baked beans (0), onions and chopped red pepper added.

Total Syns: (8)
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Week 3, day 3

Not as frantic this morning but still an early start.
Breakfast: 2 x Weetabix (HEb) + skimmed milk
Snack: Apple.
Lunch: Broccoli and Caully soup (0) + Weight watchers bun (6) + chicken breast (HEb). Making this Green Day.
Dinner: steak (6) + Beef ravioli with tomato sauce made from passage (0) Banana for dessert.

Total Syns: 12
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Week 3, Day 4, Red Day

So a red day for me which started with
Breakfast: 2 weetabix (HEb) with skimmed milk (HEa) and some frozen raspberries (0).
Snack: Cup of tea with milk
Lunch: Steak (leftover from last night, (0)), chicken (leftover from yesterday's lunch (not literally red, but SW red 0)) with pasta (6) and tomato sauce (0) and an apple.
Dinner: Went out for supper and had their special:Beef short ribs (0), porktenderloin (0), mashed potatoes (HEb), beans (5), BBQ sauce (3)...oh yeah and very small piece of their extremely dangerous Guinness chocolate cake. I cut the original piece into thirds and the rest is in my fridge, as a very decadent treat for the next couple of days. I am allowing 6 Syns for each piece which may be over estimating but that way I'm unlikely to eat the rest in one sitting :)
Total Syns: 20
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Thansk Hope, I appreciate the encouragement. I'm trying to make this fun instead of thinking about it being a diet. I was severely tested yesterday though, some saboteur had left home-baked cookies on the counter in the office, B%[email protected]&)s...but I didn't succumb.
I was so proud.....
lol, I know how you feel...when there are things to tempt you but theres something just telling you no don't do it...Well done for not having them and you will feel even more better on you're weigh-in. :)
Week 3, Day 5, Red Day

Another red day so started out with Breakfast: Scrambled eggs (0)
Lunch: missed lunch ?? (0)
Snack: Pomegranate (0)
Dinner: Beef stew (0)-(stewing beef, onions, leeks, carrots, celery, canned tomatoes, Worcestershire sauce, mixed herbs, beef Bovril - throw it all in the pressure cooker and leave it at pressure for 20 minutes, release the pressure and add in sliced cabbage) with brown and wild rice (HEb). Also had the rest of the scrummy Guiness chocolate cake (12), so so much for that idea. Went very well with my skinny latte (nuked skimmed milk with spoon of instant coffee) (HEa).

Total Syns: 12
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Week 3, Day 6,Red Day

Another red day today and started with Breakfast: scrambled eggs (0) and bacon (0).
Lunch: missed lunch again but had a banana and a cupof tea.
Snack: Another banana.
Dinner: Chicken stir fry (chicken thighs, onions, red pepper, sugar snap peas, bean sprouts, grated ginger, mango chutney (4)) served wth brown rice (HEb).
Another cup of tea
It's weigh in tomorrow...I'm hoping for at least 1.5 lbs.

Total Syns: 4.
Week 3, Day 7, Green Day & weight in.

So the day started with weigh in...down another 2.5 lbs...YEAH! I reach my 7 lb award.
Breakfast/Lunch: vegetarian omelette with homefries (4) and rye bread (HEb)
Snack: Banana
Dinner: Beef stew (beef as HEb) with brown rice (0).
Several cups of tea throughout the day using milk from allowance (HEa).
Week 4, Day 1

Not off to a good start. Not feeling too good after being up through night with an upset stomach. :argh:
Breakfast: 2 weetabix with skimmed milk (1) and cup of tea.
Lunch (eventually): Small greek salad with feta cheese (0.5 HEa) and dressing (3)
Dinner: Small salad as above (0.5 HEa) and drsssing (3) with cooked chicken thigh (0)

Total Syns: 7
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