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This is the day


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I have just had my last cigarette, i am determined to stop smoking along with my dieting.
after 20 years of smoking it is more than time to give up.
i have an appointment with the nurse on tuesday and will opt for patches i think.
i have a tough weekend ahead of me of not smoking, i bought some lozengers, and they just gonna have to do till tuesday, no ifs no buts.
i am tired of it affecting family life.
i have not told any of them, as i dont want to set myself up with more expectations, i am doing this for me, and i know i will do just fine.
am hoping for some support here, as support does make it so much easier.
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good luck. hope it goes well


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i had my appointment today, and got some patches, as well as the inhaler to help me through tough spots.
i did smoke a few in the last 4 days, but only 16 cigarettes since my first post in 4 days, which is not bad going as i used to smoke 20 or more a day.
since i put my patch on this morning i had none, and intend to keep it that way.
i find it hard, but am resisiting the habbit so far as the patch is taking the edge of it.
here is to a new much healtier me


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Well done honey, it is hard, but it does get better - honest! It is now 5 months since I had a ciggie and I feel brilliant x x
well done hon i have not had one now since thurs afternoon, i had given up for 3 years until horrible things at work happened last year and ended up smoking 8 a day for nearly a year. decided i need to not smoke


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thank you everyone for the encouragement, it helps for sure.
you have done really well with the not smoking.
as good as i know it is going to be for me, i cant seem to think of a picture without a cigarette at the moment, like having a bbq and a few bubblies and a cig, nope a bbq and some bubbly and a smile, that picture is so much better


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plodding along with my patch, and not doing too bad, have used the inhaler 2-3 times as a back up when things got tough, but have not had a smoke, so am rather impressed with myself.
i am also managing not to snack too much, and try to keep them low fat or just syn free.
so i hope my tuesdays munch attack instead of cigarettes will not go too bad on saturdays weigh in.
i will not smoke again!!!!!!!!!!!!
i just dont WANT to.


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Well done zofia on getting to day six or is it seven? and being a non smoker.:happy096:

I am so happy I stopped smoking 12 years ago and wish I never had started in the first place.
Hey there zofia,

I gave up smoking in october and while i have the odd craving (and the odd smoke) I still think less than 20 smokes since then is really good. I gave up using champix, I dunno if you've ever heard of them but they block ur nicotein receptors so while you're on them you feel no cravings. Infact I dont get cravings really, just a longing for... well u know what i mean. Chemically I dont want it, but my subconscious wants it lol

Anyways if you are finding it too difficult then perhaps ask you doctor about it :)


~J xx
Well done for how well you've done so far. I was at least a 20 a day (sometimes more) smoker until Jan 2006 and I now struggle to get my head round the fact I ever did it at all.


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thank you for all your kind replies.
and wow to all the new non smokers.
m e craving is not too bad on the patches, and i have the inhaler for bad moments to top it up.
i think most of it is my head as it has been a habit for the last 20 years, and i still find it hard to think of a life without them for good.
thank you for the tip with the champix, i will keep a note of that and see how i do on the patches for now.
any help and encouragement is appreciated, i just feel sorry for my husband who is at the receiving end of my not so good moments, thankfully there is not many:rolleyes:
Lol I think with loosing weight and not smoking your body/mood is bound to be all over the place. Im sure he'll understand that, and after a week or two you'll be fine I'm sure :)


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thank you johnie
it is nice to know there is other people that have done it and get chatting to them.
i am still wondering if the craving will ever stop, and how long it will take till the iresistable urge passes.
we had a few drinks last night, and i did not have a smoke, oddly enough i didnt even miss one.
i had my weigh in this morning and still managed to loose some weight, even though i eat a few things i shouldnt have, so am well chuffed
You're brave for tackling both at the same time, but its inspirational to see how well you're doing :)


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You're brave for tackling both at the same time
or crazy :D
i am not doing to bad at the moment, the craving is not too bad, and i am not grabbing for foods to compensate.i do have my moments when i wonder why i am doing this, and if it was a good idea.
but i also know that if i would have continued the weight loss and gotten to target i would have been too scared to give up smoking and put on weight again.
i can honestly say it is not easy, and a constant battle against myself.
i have a little bowl of Liquorice next to me at all times, and when i do hit a bad craving i have some of that as it is low syn on slimming world, and i just love it.
i have my second appointment with the nurse in the stop smoking clinic on tuesday, and am actually looking forward to going.
but so far only the forum and my hubby and kids know that i have stopped smoking, and i am not calling myself a non smoker yet, how odd.


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what a day yesterday was, everything that could have gone wrong went wrong, and i was stressed sad and furious at the same time. by the evening i had worked myself up so much that, once hubby was home i just said i need to go out, jumped in the car and drove to the shops.
i could have murdered a pack of cigaretts, i just wanted to sit down outside and smoke one after another.
so i went in the shop and bought some stuff for todays lunch with a friend, and decided to get myself a big big big bar of chocolate instead of a pack of cigarettes.
once i got home hubby was very nice, and didnt even ask me if i indeed bought some cigarettes, he just made me a coffee and let me be.
so i sat down with my coffee and my chocolate and stuffed said big bar.
i didnt feel bad for it, i wanted and needed it, and eventually the craving stopped once i calmed down enough.
i know i can work the choc off in two weeks or so, and i am glad i did not have a cigarette.