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This is the one

Hello everyone.
The first thing I'd like to say is that I'm a man. I'm not sure if you have too many on here (or even if I'm allowed), but...here goes.
I've just had a really bad week and have decided that maybe using a forum will give me a hand.
I almost posted something a few weeks back, but after such a good start to the new year I felt like a bit of a fraud.
I'd managed to lose 4 kilos in a little under 3 weeks, but have now managed to put it all back on...since last friday.
I've not got a massive amount to lose, but I don't feel happy as I am and I want to do something about it. This is where I've decided to come, so any advice will be welcomed.
Thank you.

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Wellcome to Minimims!
Good luck with your weight loss! This forum is fantastic and everyone is in the same boat, so you will get plenty of support. If you need any help or advise there are lots of people who can advise you. There are other men on here, so you won't be the only one :D. Have a look out for Icemoose he is really helpfull and he has lost lots of weight!

Ok, so this is the maths.
I've got about 12 weeks to lose 32 lbs.
That's about 2.66 lbs per week.
One pound of fat = 3500 calories.
My body needs about 2800 per day to maintain it's current weight. That's 19600 per wek.
So I need to run my body to a deficit of 9310 per week or 1330 per day.
That means in order to achieve my target I need to consume no more than 1470 per day.
This is the plan
1 - 201.34
2 - 198.68
3 - 196.02
4 - 193.36
5 - 190.70
6 - 188.04
7 - 185.38
8 - 182.72
9 - 180.06
10 - 177.40
11 - 174.74
12 - 172.08
It's obvious that this is going to involve some calorie counting but it's not my intention to get too bogged down with it.
Healthy eating and plenty of exercise. If I'm not shifting anything after the first two weeks I'll have to adjust the plan.
So now that I've said all that I suppose I should admit to having Mexican food tonight. Not a fantastic start, but still a start.
Morning - fruit x2, black coffee x2, green tea x3
Afternoon - fruit x2, white tea x1, herbal tea x2
Evening - Tortillas x3 chicken, tomatoes, red and green peppers, herbal tea x4
Total 1800
Plus I've had about a litre of fizzy water.
Nothing, not unless having a bath or drinking tea counts.

Day two

It's not very positive but I said to myself at the beginning I was going to record everything, good or bad.

Another poor start to my diet. I was too busy to eat breakfast so skipped it.
I did go for a run/jog/walk, which is good. About 1.4 miles.
I bought a set of dumbells and I also cleaned out the garage in preparation for what is going to be my home exercise area.
I was busy in tha afternoon with a kids birthday party and ended up eating a cheese and ham sandwich. Oh, and a hand full of chips.
I had football in the evening and ended up eating a big fat sausage wrap (or galette).
It's not been the best of starts and I'm going to bed hungry. I don't think I've overeaten but the food I've eaten is all wrong.
I haven't eaten any fruit...I'm not happy with that. :(
Plus, I'm exhausted.
Morning - coffee x 2, white tea x 2
Afternoon - white cheese and ham baguette, tomatoe, chips, coffee x 2, white tea x 2
Evening - sausage wrap/galette (made with buckwheat flour), coffee, diet coke 330ml, water still 500ml
white chocolate x 6 bits
I've got no idea how many calories, but I ate the chocolate beacuse I was hungry as a result of not eating decent food.
1.4 miles run/jog
2.0 miles walk/jog to the football stadium
Cleaning out the garage - I think that counts? :D



Just about on the wagon!
Hey Rennes! Welcome! I've already met you on my diary, and believe me there is something therapeutic about putting your feelings in words rather than holding them in. :patback:

The most important thing I would say to you is get rid of the guilt, and only think about the 'now' of your life. In other words you might not feel happy about what you did last year, last week, or this morning, but that was then and this is now. I have so many feelings that I regret or feel guilty about over the last couple of weeks/months - why did I eat that, why didn't I eat that, why did I let myself get like this etc. You know what, it's done, and you can't rewind it. Start now, start again, don't put it off. Your plan sounds really achievable and I have absolutely no doubt you'll do it. :D

Wipe the slate and start again. You will have times when you eat something you feel you shouldn't, but in order to do this successfully you need to rid yourself of guilt around food. You want a galette? Fine, have one but don't eat it all. You want chips, fine have a couple. Believe me I know that depriving yourself and feeling guilty either sets you back down the road you don't want to be on, or gets you stuck in the rut you're in.

You can do this and you'll be successful. You've already made the decision to start, and you've been exercising, so you should congratulate yourself on that and use that motivation to drive yourself forward!
Keep giving us updates, and you'll get all the support you need on here. :woohoo:

I've still not in the swing of this.
I'm sort of doing what I should be, but only just, I'm not 100 miles an hour yet.
I had a really nice lie in this this morning. Everyone was eating pain chocolat and croissants. I had a run and then an orange.
We had an afternoon at some friends house, where I just had diet coke and coffee.


Morning - Orange x 1, white coffee x 2, white tea x 2
Afternoon - Spaghetti and pesto, fizzy water, white coffee x 2, diet coke 500mlish.
Evening - Beef stew, potatoes, carrots, leeks, broccolli, fizzy water, diet coke 200 ml, black coffee x 1, white tea x 2, herbal tea x 3

Exercise - 30 mins cross country
Feeling tired but not exhausted. :D

A much better day yesterday. :D

Went for a run in the morning 1.4 miles and then did pilates with my wife...:confused:

I also did 30 minutes in my garage with some home made weight type things and my dumbells.

Massive thanks loopy_lou. Your word of encouragement really helped me. :D


Multivit drink

Morning - orange x 2, white tea x2, coffee x 2, green tea x 1

Afternoon - poached egg on brown toast (no spread) x 2, kixi fruit, banana x 1, green tea x 3, coffee x 1

Evening - white fish and spaghetti with tomatoes and peppers, grape juice, coffee, 1 piece of dark chocolate, herbal tea x 3,

I'm not getting hung up on the calories. I'm guessing around 1500.


1.4 miles run/walk/jog

30 minutes of whatever you want to call it? :confused:

pilates - about 25 minutes
I'm trying to get everyone involved in what I'm doing.

I'm trying to make it so that it's not about being on a diet. I want it to be more of a lifestyle thing.

I dont want this to be about not having things...it's more of an education.

So...the kids are getting used to eating bananas instead of biscuits.
We all went out for a jog/walk.
We baked some healthyish carott cake. :eek:
A really positive day. ;)


morning - orange, banana, tea white (skimmed), coffee x 2, green tea x 2
afternoon - poached egg on toast (brown, no spread) x 2, green tea x 2, coffee black x 1
evening - pork chops and brown rice and veg, glass of grape juice, coffe black, herbal tea x 3, diet coke 250 ml


1.4 miles run/jog
1.5 miles jog/walk
home gym organic workout 30 minutes :D


Just about on the wagon!
:wow: You're doing really well! Sounds like what you're doing is brilliant - you're eating really well, and making it into a lifestyle. That's excellent. I think that's where alot of us go wrong. By making it a 'diet', we already feel that we're depriving ourselves, and either get people making us (or themselves!) feel guilty or try and sabotage the whole thing. By changing the whole idea, it becomes 'the norm'. :winner:

If you carry on the way you are, you'll be where you want to be in no time.

Well done, you're doing great!!! :king2:
Thanks lou. ;)

I don't want my kids to ever need to go on a diet.
With a healthy diet and lifestyle...they shouldn't.

Another good day. ;)

3.8 miles run in the morning with my wife and son.
30 minutes in the garage with the weights...:confused:



morning - orange, banana, coffee x 3, green tea x 3

afternoon - poached eggs on brown toast (no spread) white tea (skimmed) x 2

evening - kiwi fruit, grapefruit, bacon risotto, grape juice, coffee x 1, herbal tea x 3, dark chocolate 1 piece

I went to sleep dreaming about cheeseburgers and chips...:D
Friday - feeling ill.

Went for a walk in the afternoon with my wife. Messed about with some weights for about 2 minutes...pathetic really :eek:


mulitivit drink

morning - coffee x 2, oranges x 2, kiwi fruit x 2, green tea x 3, fizzy water 500 mlish.

afternoon - scrambled eggs on white baguette. Coffee x 2, white tea x 2, green tea x 1 banana x 1, still water 500 ml

evening - spaghetti bolognaise (white pasta) with grated cheese, grapefruit x 1/2 kiwi fruit, 2 ltrs diet coke, 3 pieces of dark chocolate (75% coco) grape juice 200 ml, still water 500 ml
No beer for ten days! :D

Saturday morning weigh in

90.2 kg - 198.44 lbs - 14.17 stones

I'm actually a touch disappointed. I'd looked during the week and gone below 90 kg.
Still, it's a decent start and is probably where I was a week or so ago before I had a mental week.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
not bad going and don't forget the scales are mean things that play tricks sometimes!! lol

well done on the not drinking! :) You sound up to speed on what you've got to do, sure you'll do well if you keep your mind on the prize. :cool:

Not brilliant.

I didn't eat too much, but I didn't really do what I said I was going to do.
In honesty I'm a bit...I don't know...bored?

We went to a paella evening on saturday


morning - friut, coffee, and white tea

afternoon - white bread cheese and ham baguette (no butter), coffee, white tea

evening - paella, white bread (1 small piece), 2 small cakes (terrible), camembert (cheese, 1 small piece), rose wine ( 1 tres small glass):D, coffee, dark chocolate 1 small piece


morning - coffee, green tea, white tea

afternoon - scrambled eggs (with butter) on baguette, coffee, white tea, diet coke

evening - roast chicken, roast potatoes, leeks, turnips and onions, red wine x 4 glasses :eek:, riced pudding, chocolates x 6

A slow start to the week.

Didn't eat breakfast even though I know I'm supposed to.
Drank too much coffee.
Really wish I'd stuck to not drinking...4 glasses of red wine :confused:



morning - green tea, white tea, coffee

afternoon - turnip soup (with butter) and white baguette (1/2), coffee, chocolates x 4

evening - creole cod with brown rice, camembert 175g, dark chocolate 2 pieces, green tea, white tea, coffee.

I don't even like chocolate...:confused:
Tuesday - I think this is day nine.

I'm trying to be honest and post really bad days.
So this was one.


breakfast - green tea x 2, coffee x 3, white tea x 2

afternoon - 6 course meal in a local restaurant - soup and bread, pate and bread, tuna mayo and salad, pork in cream with pasta, cheese x 2, ice cream, coffee, 3 x glasses red wine, 2 x still water
evening - spaghetti carbonara, coffee, 2 red wine, herbal tea x 2, white tea x 2, diet coke 250mlish

No exercise