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This is tough!

hi hun :) weve all been their sweety- drink plenty of water( blk coffee helped supress my hungre) if you like it? belive me it gets better- and i remember reading these thinking god i hope their right when they say that lol- ill have been on ts 4 wks tomorow, im hardly ever hungry and ive realised when i think i am its because i can smell food and its physicological rather that physical! the weight just drops off its unbelivable-good luck xx:D
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Drink drink drink and stay strong,Write down all the pro's of losing weight, focus on your goals they will get you through its not easy but it WILL get better, it's so worth it!!
Good luck x


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Just keep telling yourself it only lasts for a few days... after that it gets easier! Lots of water helps too :)


This is my year
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It really does get easier, honestly!

Stay strong and think about the new slim you!
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Hey CrazySexyCool I know how you feel (I'm day 3) Its really helped coming on here and reading peoples diaries for encouragment. Ive been taking long baths, drinking sparkling water as it seems to fill me more than normal water, drinking black coffee and bouillon soups. Before you know it ketosis will have kicked in and the weight will be dropping off. Imagine yourself this time next week reading this post and how proud of yourself you'll be for getting through your 1st week. This is what I keep telling myself x
Like people have said , get through the first 4-5 days in the knowledge that it will get better , that always helps me . Also keep glugging the water , enjoy your shakes and cleaning ... i always end up cleaning all my cupboards out and stuff in the first week to keep me busy .. and before you know it the first week is over and you have an amazing loss to show for it :D
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Thank you all for your support and words of encouragement, I ended up having four packs today but I'm so proud of myself for not cracking and eating something, I hope tomorrow is easier than today was!


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I had four packs for the first 6 days hun and then I couldn't face the 4th - but it really helped get me through week 1 and week 2 I have had 3 packs a day and feel fine ;) Good luck!!

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