This just seems too much


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After all the helpful posts saying I wasn't eating enough, yesterday I revised my diet.

It just seems too much . . . would someone mind having a look and letting me know what they think!

Green day:
All day: Tea and coffee (about two cups of each) using milk (HexA), soft drinks (diet)

08.30 - omelette (made with Spanish equivalent of frylight) of two eggs and half a tomato (using what was left from night before!), baked beans (we can get them - hurray!)

13.00 - apple

14.30 - portion of mexican rice (SW recipe, with peppers, onions, peas, kidney beans, sweetcorn)

17.00 - Yoghurt (0% fat) and banana

10.00 (late day at work) - six small potatoes, big scoop of quark (I'm addicted) and small tin of tuna in water (HexB)

I know I missed a HexB because I wasn't organised enough to check it out before I started work (knew it was going to be a tough day) and the books I have from a couple of years ago say only one HexA so I don't feel safe having two ;)

It just feels like a mountain of food compared to what I normally eat. Please help

:17729:(I know this smiley has nothing to do with thanking you, but I couldn't resist using it)
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Hi, that doesn't look too much to me! That's the beauty of SW, you can eat what seems like loads of food! (I like the sound of the rice! :))
You don't seem to be having any syns though.... try to have at least 5 a day, this is the thing you can cut down on if the going gets tough. Oh and try to have your 2 HEX B's if you can, even if it means having some toast or ryvita with your quark. I've nearly always had my 2 HEX A's, one is always milk and the other is often cheese. Don't worry too much about using 2, it wont jeopardise your weight loss.
Have another good day!! :D


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Hi, that doesn't seem too much to me. Seems fine :D You have to eat what's right for you and not feel guilty about it. Free food is great :bliss:


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That seems much better! A really good, healthy day.

I wouldn't worry too much about having all your HEXs - I don't always, but it's nice if I do want them. Some people say always have them, which is great if you can, but sometimes they just don't fit into my plan for the day! But I generally have 1 of each a day...

Other than that, have a few syns (a bit of chocolate or some wine perhaps!!) You can have 10-15 a day. Then if you're still not losing after a couple of weeks, you can look at knocking back those syns. But if you're not using them in the first place you can't cut back anywhere! They really help you feel like you aren't 'dieting' because you're eating stuff that's allowed!

Keep it up, I'm sure you'll have more good days :)