This lady wont give up trying to loose weight i will eventually sucseed thats 4 sure


Minimins gal x
Hi everyone,just wanted to say thanks 2 all of u for your kind messages of support on Pam`s thread.
Well as u know i started Lt with Pam on Monday and on Tuesday i was feeling rough and my blood sugars crashed and i was taken off the plan,the same thing happened to me on Cd as well.
I was gutted and upset as i felt this was my last chance but i have come to the decision that i have 2 stop feeling sorry for myself and just start taking control of my life.
So i have started back on a low Gi diet and am coming 2 terms with the idea of small losses each week but in the long run they will mount up.
I have to lose 17 stone and its very scary to think about how long my journey may be but small steps will eventually get me to my goal weight even if it takes 2 years.

Hi Roch,

I know 17 stone sounds a lot and it is, but you know you can't lose it all in one go and it is pound by pound it will come off.

Try and divide it up into smaller more achievable goals and you will get there.

D_Q had a good idea on another thread about putting £1 away for every pound lost and then when you get to goal or a mini goal treat yourself to something nice like a facial or clothes...

Wishing you success and much love.

Love Mini xxx
Oh I'm so sorry to hear that has happened. I'm glad you're still so positive though and hope the GI diet works fantastically for you
Thats the way to tackle it...slowly slowly catchy monkey!

Good Luck missis!

another one of pams friend on lipotrim

hello roch
i,m soorry that you can,t do lipotrim but if you can,t and you have been taken off it it can,t be helped sweetie
that gi diet is suppose to be good a friend of mine did it and lost 4st so fingers crossed for you make sure you still post on here and keep us on here posted won,t you
take care
re maintainace plan

just a thought roch
don,t know the exact reason why you,ve been taken off but would there be any chance that you could do the maintainance on lipotrim as with that you have a meal a day and still lose weight not quite as fast as ss but just a thought and you can still have qquite a good loss on it
just a thought
Hi Roch, good to hear that you're being positive about the GI diet.

It's 1 i havn't tried myself but i've heard it's good and even if it's a slower loss than a VLCD it's a loss and the small amounts all add up into large amounts.

Just divide your loss into 1 stone goals and you will do it.

We're all here for you hun every step of the way
Hi Roch

I can vouch for the GI Diet having lost my first stone in just under 8 weeks - I know it might seem slow - but it does work and as a few people have pointed out to me - changing your diet now is better than waiting till the end of a vlcd...

I wouldn't be surprised if you had some great losses in the first couple of weeks!

I would highly recommend the Rick Gallop book and sticking to it! Plus after a few weeks you'll find that your appetite changes and that cheating makes you feel rubbish. Trust me I did that on monday (had a bad meal) and I had such an unhappy tummy afterwards :mad::mad::mad:.

If you want any help or support ask me! I'm gonna be here a while too...

Luv and Hugs CC xxx xxx xxx
Hi Roch,
I'm in the same boat as you, and need to lost the same amount of weight, i'm also trying to come to terms with how long it going to take to lose this other person i'm carrying, but i know it has to be done.
Good luck on your journey to a better life, at least you haven't gven up all together,and as i've found out there's help here.


I am so glad you aren't giving up, I have been worrying about you and meaning to pm you to see how you are.

Wishing you the very very best of luck.
Hi darlin'

I too have lots to lose, about 12 stone in fact, and as mini said, I have decided that the only way I will ever do this is in small chunks. On another forum I use there are lots of people who only need to lose a stone or two and that makes me very despondent; however, I now have to think to myself: well I too only have two stone to lose, to get to the weight I was at end of my degree.

I am really sorry to hear about lipotrim but as I said before on some other threads, not all diets suit all people, and you certainly have lots of friends here who will encourage you along the way. I'm using slimming world but having to adapt it so that I have enough calories to lose weight properly. At my weight I need about 2300 a day to lose 2lbs a week.

You can do this and we are all right behind you giving you a big push... and you know how hefty some of us are so you sure gona go far girl!:D
Roch (((HUG))) I know how disappointed you must feel about the diet but I am so glad to see that you have taken the initiative and jumped back into the GI diet, as a few people have already said its a great diet which boasts great losses so I have no doubts that you will do well on it too.
VLCDs are not the be all and end all, we are all individuals and so our bodies demand different things of us, whilst some may thrive on vlcds others will thrive on more conventional diets GI/SW/WW/A etc so it needn't be as disappointing as it seems, I bet if you give the GI diet your all, then this time next month you'll have lost a good amount, take your journey stone by stone and you will get to where you want to be soon enough hun! Good Luck and don't forget we're all still here rooting for you!!!!!

Hi Roch
Im sorry LT didnt work out for you but your health comes 1st :eek: I did weight watchers (lots of times) but the last time I did it I lost 3 stone in 5 months and I just uped my walking for exercise,it does work the GI,WW,SW plans and you will show us how well,by christmas I recoken you will have 2 stone gone
Hi Roch

There are many many ways to skin a cat my darling!!!

You have a fabulous positive mental attitude towards losing this weight so you will get there, whichever way suits you best.

I agree with others on this thread that you should maybe consider doing the CD 790 or 1000 plan - you will still get amazing losses on that diet - have you considered this before?

Good luck honey,
Sorry to hear you had been feeling unwell-know that feeling of blood sugars dropping, it's a terrible feeling.:(

Good luck with the low GI plan-I have a friend who has done this and she did very well on it.
Some weeks she lost 4lbs a week. P.M.A. Roch-sounds like you have plenty of it.:)

Stay in touch!