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This place is addictive..........

On this forum alone there are 27 of us here at the moment.............LOL:eek:

Dont we have lives??
I bet we all have something we are supposed to be doing...(i know I have a plie of ironing to put away upstairs!!)

BUT NO ...we are all sitting on our pc's reading the wonderful messages of stories and inspiration and weight loss and struggles..........

who cares about the ironing/house work/.....or work for that matter as I bet a few of us are on our work pcs too...meant to be doing other things than scanning the Minimins msgs...Ill be bound!!!!

But this place is fab and I know for a fact it has always made my cd journey('s!!) a much easier ride...

So heres to Minimins!!!!!!!!!
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My name is Leah and i'm addicted to minimins! xxx

I know what you mean, I spend far too much time on here! Should be doing houseworky type things, but .............. well, it can wait I spose while I browse around on minis a bit longer lol xxx
I really am off to do something now...............

But at least when we are on here we are not raking through the kitchen cupboards!!!;)

see you all later XXXX
ooo is this addictions annoyomous....lol i wanna join!!

hi my name's louisa and i'm addicted to minimins and if it wasnt for me being at work i would be posting ALOT more LOL (curtsy)
I'm Tansy and I'm a minimins addict!!!
Seriously - since finding this site just over a week ago I'm on it alllllll the time! My OH thinks I've left home and gone to live in cyberland! But... It's keeping me on the straight and narrow and the people on here are so kind, caring and just downright wonderful.
Sod the ironing, cleaning, work, studying etc etc etc!!!!
Hope you're all well
thereis something about this place i think it because we dont feel alone here!!!!

when we have problems we wont be judged if we are going thru difficult points!

im on my lunch break at college atm meant to be doing coursework eeeeek
Right, none of you take this personally but my OH says:

Stop moaning about eating and go talk to your fat friends!!!

For the wedding we've written in a "fat" table to some of the miniminers (you know who you are) evn though some of you are close/at goal!


Fed up of being fat
Im Missymoo and I am a minimins addict .... and proud!!
Ive got to say im glad i descided to come on here, at least we all know what each other is going through.
im adicted too and im at work!!!

I too am addicted, the first thing i do when i get in from work is log in and read all the new posts i have missed through the day, my husband says i am a saddo but i feel like people understand me here and there is always someone here to answer your questions even if its not diet related
thanks everyone

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