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This post might be TMI

Right well, I don't really know how to explain this but Since yesterday evening I haven't been feeling too well in the form of diorreah..... But it's not like you'd have normally mine is like water and dare I say it I have no control of when things want to release!!!

Has anyone else experienced this?

I really do appologise for the above post.
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Occationally I get it. It's normally when I switch between packs and tetras (and vice versa). I think it's something to do with the change in the concentration of vitamins and minerals.


can see the end in sight!
I have had phases of this, now it's the opposite. Mine cleared up eventually, sorry don't have any advice!


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ok, so for REALLY too much information, google 'bristol stool scale' - then click 'image' at the top left of the google screen.. it's what nursing staff use...

in weeks 3-4 I was both a 7 AND a 1-2... It was HORRIBLE!! messy AND painful :( I was buying sanitary towels just to stay safe!! haha!!

but then I got into the fibre powder supplied by my CDC, and I've been fine ever since...

Lots of people on here swear by Psyllium husks too... still haven't got round to buying them yet, but they sound FAB!!


This is the right site for this type of info sharing... hard to talk about with friends and family, but this is what we're here for :)

Got to say I've had this quite a few times in the past - never seemed to be dependant on anything to be honest. I usually go one way or the other --- can't go or have to go!
This is the first time this has happend to me (today and I was in the multi storey car park, thank god i was just by the car and only 10mins from home) it was totally out of the blue no warning what so ever! I hope it doesn't happen when I am out again. Anyway I am ok for the minute but who knws what will happen next lol.


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aaaw... bless you.. reminds me of someone who did the marathon this year straight after getting back from a trip round India.. they had cling film literally tapped all the way round their bum!! just to be on the safe side... wish I could remember who it was... some famous chef.. ??G Ramsey maybe?? I loved his refreshing openness and honesty.. I'd love to be like that (the honesty bit, at least!)

Hope he doesnt wrap his food in it when he's finished!!!! lol


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I'm opposite too. Was using 1 tsp of fibre89 from CDC but had to up to max of 2tsp for last couple of days. No pain today but i'm def still needing to go.


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aaaawwwwww.... Natz! pooooooor you! That sounds really distressing for you :( ...are you feeling better today??

Some of the suggestions I've read on here before:

-fibre89 from your CDC

-Psyllium Husks (a lot of people seem to swear by them on here)

-make sure you're getting the right amount of water - no more, no less, and that you're sipping it slowly through the day (rather than having it in big amounts then none, big amounts then none)

-changing to SS+ will give you more fibre through your system, and wont make a huge impact on the losses..

-tell your CDC.. they do understand and hear this a lot so there's no need to feel embarrassed, and they'll be able to listen and help.

so, they're some of the suggestions I've heard before... all sound quite plausible to me.. I'm sure there are other things we can be doing to look after our internal organs :) I've heard that tummy massage is good for contipation, but I've never tried it myself...

Awww... guess we all need to be kind to ourselves.. we're putting ourselves through a lot on this diet, and the health results seem worth it, but we need to make sure we're safe as we go along as well...




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aaaawwwwww.... Natz! pooooooor you! That sounds really distressing for you :( ...are you feeling better today??
yeah, i had to get some really much stronger stuff than the recommened plus stuff for swelling etc

told my cdc, she is an amazing counsellor love her to bits

i've moved up to ss+ while im recovering but it was a really scarey experience

my advice for any1 reading this is to take your fibre everyday and maybe taked senekot regularly

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