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this times' food diary

WEDNESDAY 16th day one
BREAKFAST- 2 weetabix, skimmed milk (ha&hb)
SNACK- cherry tomatoes
LUNCH- tuna,cue,onion,tom,aduki beans,kidney beans,beetroot. banana
SNACk- plums
TEA- turkey chilli and brown rice, 2oz french bread. nectarine.
SUPPER- pkt walkers crisps (cheese n onion yummmeeeeeee!) 6.5 syns

Same as yesterday

BREAKFAST- 2 weetabix,skimmed milk
SNACK- banana
LUNCH-baked beans on toast, mushrooms,tomatoes,grilled bacon.
SNACK- apple, grapes
TEA- grilled fish, sw chips,peas, sweetcorn.
SUPPER- VFL yogurt. hot chocolate.

BRUNCH- kentucky hot zinger meal(naughty but nice! ;))with diet pepsi
TEA-tuna salad, plums
SUPPER- hot chocolate made with skimmed milk.

SNACK- yogurt
LUNCH-turkey,broad beans,sweetcorn,cauli,dry roast tatties,yourkshire pud(tesco value range)
chicken oxo gravy.
TEA- salad sandwich, pear,nectarine
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BREAKFAST- 2 weetabix, skimmed milk
SNACK- grapes
LUNCH- chicken oxo drink with peas, sweetcorn, broad beans and chickpeas. banana
SNACK- apple
TEA- spaghetti turkey bolognese
SUPPER- pkt crisps

BREAKFAST-banana, vlf fromage frais
LUNCH-jacket potato,vlf cottage cheese,bacon.
TEA-fish pie,green beans,brussel sprouts(yummy),peas,sweetcorn
SUPPER- 57gm wholemeal bread,slice edam cheese.
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BREAKFAST- 1 weetabix, skimmed milk,banana
SNACK- 2 rashers back bacon
LUNCH- chicken oxo with green beans,peas,brussel sprouts,sweetcorn, grapes
SNACK- shrimps, strawberries
TEA- fish pie,cauliflower
SUPPER- tomatoes, ham
Well that diary didn't last long! Hopefully Will be easier now i have app on my phone. I managed to lose 4st in 2011 but since getting the allclear after my cancer op at the end of dec i can't seem to stop eatin all the things i shouldn't so prehaps writing a diary might help me focus again and lose the 8lbs i have put on plus another couple of st.
What can i say...it could have been worse, started off ok then gradually went downhill.
Breakfast- banana, cup of tea.
Snack- oinks (5syns), coffee.
Lunch-cheese sandwich(heb+6syns),salad veg.
Snack- 3 choc biscuits & pkt french fries (8 syns) melon.
Tea- jacket spud & cottage cheese,apple.
Supper- small piece of cake (5 syns)
Things will get better,another day tomorrow!
Rubbish day
Breakfast- magic porridge, banana
Snack- pkt crisps, 1/2 pkt caramel digestives (must be weeks worth of syns in 1 go)
Lunch- cheese & pickle sandwich,toms,cue,melon
Tea-fish & chips (from chip shop, hate to think wat syns).
Need to pull myself together.
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Better day today
Breakfast- banana, yogurt
Snack-sw jelly sweets,grapes
Lunch- homemade veg soup,slice of bread,melon.
Tea-toms,onion, mushroom,egg, bacon, baked beans, sausages (3 syns)
Snack- cereal & milk (6 syns)

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