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  1. samsmoot

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    If your doctor will prescribe it you should try 'Zyban'. It does have side effects, so it's not for everyone, but unlike patches etc. it releases you from the nicotine addiction instead of feeding it. The course lasts a few weeks, by which time you will notice yourself smoking less and less. Zyban kills the craving, but you may have to make a little effort to break the habit.
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  3. slushy

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    slimming world
    a good friend of mine died from a zyban related death
    just as with all drugs - zyban can do a good job but can be bad for some people
  4. mandye

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    There is a new alternative to zyaban called champix .This has better results I now know 5 peeps who have given up with champix 3 had tried and failed with zyaban .You get it prescribed from ur doctor and are monitered to make sure that you are doing well .Not heard of any serious life theatening side affects but im sure that any side affects will be explained to you good look on giving up xx ps i am not a doctor so please talk to one before buying champix from man on street corner xx
  5. TwoPoundsPerWeek

    TwoPoundsPerWeek Full Member

    Is there a website for these drugs, or especially one compariing them? I'd really like to pass this along to my mom, as she is a lifelong smoker who is constantly "quitting". It would be wonderful to find something that would really work.

    Slushy-I am so sorry to hear about your friend. That's so awful. Do they know why, if you don't mind me asking?
  6. silvister

    silvister Member

    yes ,if your doctor advice you then you can use this ,but personally i am not sure about zyaban, because i never try this, but my friend he is using that because his doctor advice him, and he told me that i am ok and i have no side effects of this , my suggestion is that it is risky so you have to take the advice of other doctor.
  7. toptotty4you

    toptotty4you New Member

    I used zyban when I gave up smoking. Like most things there is a risk and you should ask your doctor to explain them to you fully before you partake. I was a heavy smoker when I used zyban, approx 60 a day. I had cut smoking out totally about three days after starting zyban, that was about 3 years ago. I have never touched a cigarette since.

  8. hottot

    hottot Full Member

    pro points
    it sent me frigging loopy man it was not gd!!!!!!!!!!
  9. cathyz

    cathyz Banned

    Yes, its a prescription medication designed to help smokers quit more easily than without the drug.
  10. Karen

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    i am seeing my doctor on friday so gonna ask about the champix! thank you xxxxxxx
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