Those doing CD maint


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During the time you have done the various plans say up until 1200 did you lose extra weight and if so how much per week/plan?
Hiya Lisa

Sorry just noticed this unanswered.

From seeing hundreds of people doing maintenance the answer is that it can be anything for continiung on at 2 to 3 pounds loss a week or it can be a complete freeze.

Remember you can hover on any stage for a week or two to drop a few more pounds.

I have just moved up the plans. I'm on 790 now and if i struggle on that will do 1000.
Have only just started so cant really tell you how much i have or will lose but I have 2 stones to lose so watch this space!! :)

I've been on 790 for just over 2 weeks, I've lost 4 lbs each week. My losses on CD varied between 7lbs and 2lbs, so I think it is averaging out pretty much the same. I am 5"11 tall, though so this is still a massive defict in calories for me (apparently, at my goal weight I'll require about 1800 cals to maintain). If the rate stays the same. I'll be moving up to 1000 plan soon and am so looking forward to the fruit.
I am currently moving up the stages 2 weeks at a time with 11lbs to go until target. After SS, I did a week of AAM where I lost 3lbs, the next week I messed around between AAM and larger carb-free meals and only lost a lb but the week just gone I started 790 officially, stuck to it religiously and lost 4lbs. My biggest fear was that it was going to freeze my weight loss but it seems fine (and it's great to have 3 packs and what seems like a massive dinner). I am going to stay on 790 again and maybe move up to 1000 next week depending on my weigh in results.
Thanks for your advice, guys.

I'm shortly to start stablisation/maintenance to lose the last stone to get to my target. Frankly, it scares the bejasus out of me (well, you know where you are with sole sourcing don't you? :rolleyes: ) and it's very encouraging to read your continuing success stories.