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thought I was an adult!

:cry:I am a 40yr old woman, I have raised children ,run a home,can drive a car..so why oh why cant I be trusted with a multi pack of hippos!!

i intended to use my syns tonight on a hippo,not sure who makes them but the little bars with the bueno stuff inside..stupid tesco decided to make the pack of 5 only 50p..I can be trusted to eat one and put the rest away right?..wrong!

so after an emotional weekend at my parents and managing to stay the same at weigh in,I start this week off with 25 sysns under my belt..

lesson learnt..I cannot be trusted with anything choclate..by the way now feel slightly sick...:cry:
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Unfortunately the reason most of us are on this wonderful forum is because we all struggle to control what we eat so put it down to experience and start again tomorrow - next time you feel like some chocolate remember how you feel a bit sick and it might put you off. You are braver than me - I have not had a slice of bread (even WW) since starting as I have no control where bread/toast are concerned .
Good luck with the rest of the week - look forward to hearing about your weight loss next week
they are yummy though - I dont blame ya. I ate a big bar or Lindt chocolate last week after WI and I felt sick too..... doubt it'll have put me off though! xxx


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Since WI tonight I have had 2 cadbury's desserts! Yummy! Won't be so nice when Mr Taz finds out though, they were his!
Well he shouldnt have them in the house to tempt you in the first place Taz! xxx
the best way to overcome that is to not have treats in the house. when my mam was on slimming world she used to buy all her 'treats' for the week and keep them in a drawer, i personally would not be able to resist eating them all in one. one of the biggest things for me was moving out of my parents and being in control of the shopping and what food is in the house. im a serial fridge picker, so only having free food around makes life a lot easier!


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I've been staying at my mums house this week while they are away and there is literally no food in the house! It's great cus I can't pick at stuff then!

monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
it will be ok. the fact you feel so bad about a little slip up should show you how much you really want your goal, keep this in mind and try not to worry Kinder make these things to test us.

you can work it off by next WI for sure


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