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thought id post some pics of me before and and 2 yrs on x

Hi Guys

this is my 2nd time doing ss i done it in 2008 and this is how i looked age 26 at the time i look so much older

this was me after 10 weeks

And this was me in october of this year when i decided to go back on cd and get back down to a more comfortable weight

This does go to show it does not go straight back on when you stop i had gained 1 stone in 2 years i did loss over 3 stone although i have gained in inches a good bit since loss x. ive now lost a further 10lbs and feeling much more confident in myself

Just thought id share these guys

Thanks for all the support 2nd time round x
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Wow such a difference after 10 weeks!
Love your dress in the bottom photo, swit swoo.

Good luck hun x
Thank you Chele it was my mate lent it to me from diva corsets made me feel great wearing it also but so bloody expensive.

Thats what gave me the push i think to get that stone back off which hopefully i will achieve my 4lbs this week to make that :) xx

i just wanted to show newbies that no matter what non believers say you can keep most of it off x all ive had since i started this both times is , Ur losing it so quick its going to go str8 back on :( xx
I have to admit in the past it's always taken me quite a long time to put it back on. I've never got to goal in the first place though and am dreading putting it back on when at target. I've an idea what I am going to do and will make sure I weigh twice a week
yeah i am same , i think next week will be my final week and i think i am going to join WW to maintain the loss this time as i didnt last time x just this time of year im finding it much tougher than last time and the cost also x
but worth it defo x
Wow, you look amazing! Good luck with the rest of your journey. :)


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You are so pretty... and look amazing. Thankyou for sharing those with us
Stunning after photos! Well done! :)
Like the pins, wow!
Thank you so much Ladies the pics you see my pins where taken in 2008 my legs aint so slim now but i have kept the majority off.

men always say they dont know why woman worry so much about weight but they dont understand as you gain you lose more confidence and believe it or not the bottom pic my confidence is low i was just a bit tipsy lol

i just want to be happy in myself again, i have a night out in a few weeks and will post a pic again of me dressed up after this time around but i dont think i will be able to stay on cambridge that long due to financial difficulties..

So appreciate all the wonderful comments :)

You've done fab to keep the weight off. I wish I could say the same.
I also did SS back in 2008 and lost 6.5st but have put the majority of the weight back on again.
I really think maintenance is a lifelong plan and rather than burying your head in the sand (which is what I did) you need to keep an eye on your weight.
You have definately done the right thing by nipping it in the bud now ( although from your recent photo, you're still looking fab.)
Hi Liz

Thanks huni , i broke up with my ex boyfriend just after i lost all the weight as i was made feel no1 else would ever want me. I think that is why i didnt go back to my old ways of eating again .. but this year i feel i have gone slightly downhill with more take aways and crisps just like i used to.. unfortunatly i can only afford one more week on ss. after that i am going to join ww and keep up the working out as i have never exorcised in my life until now. Plus i want to meet that special person too and the only way im going to do that is if i am happy in myself :)

Bst of luck this time around bbe you can do it xx we all can :)
I also split up with my OH after losing the weight but then ended up meeting someone pretty quickly afterwards.
Think this was what partly led to the rapid weight gain. He's a typical man (eats loads of rubbish and doesn't put on a pound) I ended up eating the same as him and just got far too comfortable in that lifestyle.
I'm sure you'll lose the weight whichever plan you choose to follow. It's all about your mindset :)


Slowly but surely x
lovely before and after pics. I drool over getting into a lovely pencil skirt like that x
Kirsty thank you , im sure we all will fit into our pencil skirts again some day x

ive had to come back off cambridge for now 12 lbs down didnt even hit my stone im gutted .. but i plan to carry on with healthy eating and exorcise xx