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Heres some psychological stuff for you, im no expert but ive certainly done a lot of research on the subject


I see it so many times ( and have experienced it myself) people struggling with the temptation of food. We get into a way of thinking that we have no control over our behaviour as we have built up years of bad eating and bad habits, then we beat ourselves up when we give in.

But did you know that we can control our thoughts, thoughts come out as emotions, emotions come out as our actions.

So we work backwards. When we say out loud to ourselves or others 'this diet is soooo hard, i cant do it' you are actually sending a command to your brain!!!! You are telling your brian, i cant do this, and your brian will do as its told, so the first thing is to stop saying out loud how hard it is. Now this doesnt seem like a difficult task but if you try it, you will realise how often you do it, and this in effect makes you realise if you keep sending that command to your brain, no wander your struggling. So instead of 'this is too hard', say something like 'this is for me and will become easier'. Now you might not believe this last remark at the moment but go with it and youl see a massive difference in your thoughts on it. This 'will become easier' is sending that command to your brain which in turn starts a chain reaction to your thoughts, then to your feelings, and it will show in your actions. We have to believe we can do it and its possible but if we dont think its possible, how can we follow through??? Guys seem to find this a bit easier than us girls which is why sometimes they come across as very matter of fact. They just tell themself they are on a diet and the emotions dont get in the way!

To help, think of all the good reasons your doing this, i mean properly, write them down, seriously think about them, then visuialise yourself thin, just close your eyes and imagine a great body, if you cant do this as it does take some practise but is possible, then cut out a picture from a magazine of a lovely body then stick your head on it from a photo. Imagine how you will feel in that body, how you will move, what you will wear what if feels like to be the slim you. (This is a great place to put yourself when u want to cheat). What your doing is promoting 'thought' from this image, remember thoughts,feelings, actions,

What you will find happening is you will think less of the 'how hard' and more of the 'how easy is this'. It will stop the cycle of bad thoughts.feeling, emotions in their tracts and create the good stuff.. You CAN control your thoughts, if you tell yourself you cant, you wont because thats what your telling your brain so know that you can, even if you dont believe you can just try it and see. If all else fails, scream a massive NO! the minute your thoughts wonder over to food, heres to a slim summer xx

ps If your interested in this way of thinking theres a great DVD out called The Secret xx
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Excellent post Jackie.

Definitely something we can all relate to, well said.

Love Mini xxx
I Agree!! Well said :happy096:

Positive thinking is like a chain reaction, :party0019:and seems to spread to all kinds of different areas.
..other people too...its catching!! we just have to make sure we re-train our minds, there are so many negative vibes out there, but we can do it!!


9lbs off at first WI :party0011:Woo Hoo!


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oh so glad i just read ur post, feel so much better now


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was this really a post from you jackie or has paul mckenna intercepted your mind lol

agree with what your saying though, i tell myself daily that this program is easy to follow and my brain is believing it so far
when you go to a hypnotherapist for weight control these are the things they ask you to do, visualisation techniques
Really really interesting. Similar to the concept Paul Mckenna usues and they are really good!

Have bookmarked this page to read properly later, but I'm hoping this may work while on the diet and set us up for some proper eating habits once at goal.

Hopefully once at goal, I'll leave the emotional eating behind me!


Getting closer everyday
I totally agree with this, my 1st day on LT just happened to be the first day of my period! result....i was very emotional and told myself all day that i couldn't do it. Got a cuddle when my fella got home, got told he was proud of me and that i could do it and from then on its been happy smiles and this is gettin easier by the day!

Positive thoughts, onwards and upwards!!!(but downwards on the pounds lol)

I'm ashamed to admit that I was given the Secret DVD by a friend but have not bothered to watch it yet. I guess I dismissed it as some fad psycho babble. What I can't dismiss though is all the fat I'm carrying around. Will dig it out and watch it when I get up!

Very motivating. My husband always said to PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) leads to postive actions. I'm normally quite pessimistic but being aware of my thoughts has helped me to turn them into positive thoughts.

I'm on day 4 LT and it's been a struggle to get this far. I've been told it will get easier and thats what keeps me going. This forum has been a real help.
When we say out loud to ourselves or others 'this diet is soooo hard, i cant do it' you are actually sending a command to your brain!!!! You are telling your brian, i cant do this, and your brian will do as its told, so the first thing is to stop saying out loud how hard it is.
Too late, I just read that out aloud, and now i'm gonna order myself a big ass pizza and it's all your fault.

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This is very true, very similar to paul mckennas weight loss cds which are good for keeping your attitude positive too. xx


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ooooh i love this!!! im going to start doing this everyday with all the things i think might beat me! startin with this bloody diet!!!

thanksss xxx

this is my first time on LT and I am on day 5 now, have been reading your views and seeing trickers very encouraging.
But yesterday I had such akilling headache i thought of quittting it, as i am not the right person.
can anybody help me as I hav got a exam in 3 weeks times and i think i hav choosen wrong time???????
when i initially started i thought there is always something, there wouldnt be right time,now i am struggling with craving and headache:cry:though i hav lost 4 pounds.
hoping to get some help:confused:


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first day on Lt. and this thread has helped, got to think positive, this may be tough but it's easier than continuing the way i am, i can do this, i will do this!!, my son needs his mummy to be around xx


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Just read this and you know its so true. I was told the worst days were 3 and 4 and so i kept telling myself (and anyone who would listen) this is not so bad and im not having a hard time of it, and i breezed through the days but once it got to the easter time off and i was on my own all i have said is 'this is too hard' im so hungry' , 'i want to eat' and i have found it very difficult but today is a new day so here goes!!

'this is easy i can so do this!!!!'

1. Get through day 1 :D done!!
2. Get through week 1
3. Lose 1st
4. Lose 2st
5. Get to 18.5st (usually get stuck at 19st)
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hey warrior!!!

iv exams in june n i was wondering the same, bt i was told by my pharmacy to go on reefeed for it!!!. U still loose weight on it, and u feel more satisfied on it. so maybe start reefeed for ur exams as goin tru them wit headaces, hunger pains and the likes maybe not such a good idea.:character00116::hide:


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