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Thread of temptation

Oh thread of temptation, help me!

Just made some toast for my little one and I want it all!!
Its perfectly made the right colour and with just the right amount of marg, but I've already had my breakfast and one slice will lead to two and then before we know it it will turn into a full on toast binge!! Crazy!!

Temptation thread, if you can keep me occupied until the toast is all gone and cleared away I would be very thankful.

I just had to work out how many cals in prawn crackers :mad: I had nine, aparrently its 45 for 3 crackers that can't be right? Is it they taste so wrong lol

Thought it was more ;)

The last time I saw the fella, I was in floods of tears being fat n useless and stuck in a dead-end job.

We spoke this week, and the conversation ended okish, with him basically telling me to calm down, and that I needed a slap cos I was overreacting about stuff that Im not going into here...

He's off to Singapore with work on saturday for up to a month, I can't see him tomorrow cos I have to be on my farm as the parents are away... so Im over to his tonight to cook tea and say goodbye and stuff...

And i just got an email saying "It doesn't look like I'll be finished at a reasonable time, sorry :("

Nooooooooooooooooooooooo :wave_cry:

Im still having our thai curry tonight. Either that or a full fat takeaway pizza...
I just want to curl up and cry...

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Awww, I'm sorry Jen, you're really going through the wars aren't you?

Try and stick to the curry idea, I'm sure the OH will appreciate a home-cooked meal so much more after a hard day's work, especially as he's going to be away from such comforts for a while. And you will be able to control your own portion so you won't spend the time feeling guilty and can enjoy your time together.

Good luck, hon, hope it's not too upsetting. x
Thanks LM, but unfortunately, we don't live together. He's about an hours drive from me, so I probably won't get to see him before he goes now.

But hey ho! No point dwelling on the nasty, just gotta pull my socks up, chuck myself into healthy food, hit the gym like a ... I don't know what exactly, but something, and get all nice and skinny and fit and toned for when he gets back... !!!!

I am a rubber ball, I always bounce back.! And I am SO looking forward to the curry. Even if it is 600 cals, thats what I have planned for. Mwah!
Ah Jen, hope you're feeling better about the situation soon! Enjoy the curry, tell us if it's good, cos I might want to nick the recipe off you ;)

Great idea for a thread sa x
Good on you jen for bouncing straight back!!! :)
I nearly had a subway tonight that would have been 1000 calories (I can never resist the tuna footlong with southwest sauce) but I resisted the temptation and stuck with the quorn chicken salad that I had planned. If I had of had the subway it would have taken me 200 calories over my limit for the day and instead I am not 450 under, so still have some for a little treat. Am about to have a couple of segments of terrys chocolate orange :)
Am really pleased with myself for resisting temptation!
well done veg!! it's the best feeling knowing you were able to resist temptation isn't it!
It does feel great! Yeah - I was pretty shocked at how much was in it. Will be saving eating that for a treat in a few weekd time!
Hows everyone else doing avoiding temptation? Any tips for what you do when you are tempted by a giant cake?

They're getting a lunch delivered at work, and I am very tempted to get my usual... Well, my EX USUAL. Cos I don't eat like that anymore... Chilli Chips and Cheese.

I work out in WW points this would be about 18 points, and in calories would be about 1000....

I can have my own homemade chilli over the weekend with baked potato wedges and low fat cheese, that would be 6.5 points.

I should do that, shouldn't I.... It's a no-brainer...haha
oh wow 1000cals..that would be my entire daily for today...no way not worth it! Have ur homemade chilli this weekend and potato thingys! Hope you didnt fall for the wendys trap!
Oh and i have no great answer on how to stop eating the giant yummy cake lol im bad with cake..i just tend to look the other way when i know there is going to be cake! Hard but eh i'd rather try and wear a bathing suit outta the house this year then eat some cake lol
I just made some mini chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream. I made them to take to a friends housewarming tomorrow, I want one though. They are mini - how much damage can just one do?!
Thanks everyone, I managed to NOT have the chilli, but will indulge in my healthier one tomorrow!!

As for the chocolate cupcakes.... Can you really just have the one? How mini are they, are we talking my kinda mini or normal persons kinda mini??? hehe

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