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  1. Chika

    Chika Silver Member

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    Cambridge Diet
    Morning everyone, how are we all today. I thought I'd start the daily for once as I'm up at ungodly hour once again.

    I've decided that I'm going to stop doing CD for the next six weeks and will start again on the third of March. I'm on a full time teaching placement at the moment and the sheer amount of work I have to do is killing me and to be honest I need my food to keep my energy up.

    I'm going to follow weightwatchers but my special low carb version (no meetings)for the next six weeks. I was going to keep having shakes for breakfast but I think if I don't touch them for a few weeks I will actually miss them and be much more enthusiastic in March! Wish me luck!

    Good luck to anyone with weigh ins today - its amazing to hear about how much you are all loosing :) Get your water and GT down you and have an amazing day!
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  3. spooky

    spooky Banned

    Morning Chika!

    Good luck with WW!! Hope it works for you X

    Had a planned day off yesterday, surprisingly I didn't go mad, but I had food I enjoyed, just not too much of it lol

    Off to Mums today, taking water, GT and half a sachet with me to stave off any hunger pangs while I am there :D

    Will see you all later
  4. Caress

    Caress Silver Member

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    Morning all

    Good luck Chika

    Hoping for another good day today, got up at 6.30 and so far 1/2 litre of water and a mug of coffee down. Today I'm on aam, so will be having tea with K when he gets home from school. Off to the dragon's with Nicky, taking shake and soup with me and some gt


    Hiya guys,
    Gosh - you are up and about and posting early!
    Chika - sounds like a good idea. I'm also on a teaching placement and college at the moment and you do get hungrier with the volume of work involved - all those blinkin lesson plans! I'm sure you will still be losing weight doing your low carb plan. Good luck with that - what do you teach???
    Spooks - you're always so focussed! I'm off to my mum's later and she WILL try to feed me up (gawd - how fat does she want me to get!lol)
    Hope you have a good day - I've got a stonker of a headache since yesterday, thought it would be gone today but it's still here with a vengeance. I might give in and take a couple of paracetamol. Haven't got much on today so can afford to rest for an hour or so after kids out to their various places!
    Speak soon
  6. Sambucca

    Sambucca Gold Member

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    Gastric BYpass
    morning all. good luck with ww and your teaching placement Chika.

    Nicky and Andrea, hope your morning at mums is OK. At least you can support each other when she tries to force feed you lol

    Hope the headache goes soon Tansy.

    Not doing much myself today. Got a job this evening and got some drawings and costings to work out before I go as its a customer ive seen before, so that'll keep me busy for a while. apart from that will probably be lurking on here most of the day.
  7. SoonToBeGorgeous

    SoonToBeGorgeous Loving the Cambridge Diet

    Cambridge Plan

    Going to have another go at my clothes again today!

    I seem to be going through clothes like wildfire right now. Not that I am complaining, of course but it has added more work.

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  8. missymoo

    missymoo Fed up of being fat

    Morning all

    Im feeling very rough this morning, had a gall bladder attack most of the night, serves me right eating like I have the past 3 days but, good thing is Im back on track today and the way Im feeling I definitely dont even want to think about or look at food let alone eat it so hopefully will be a non blippy day?!

    Have a good morning everyone x
  9. Vicx

    Vicx Reduction!!!!

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    Eyes down looking - Need help finding Mojo

    Good morning all, well I didn't manage to get back on track AGAIN yesterday. Was fine throughout the day but munched on stuff I shouldn't!!! Seem to have lost my slimming mojo!!! AAAAHHHHH Will try again today and see if I can stick to the 790 allowance. Gotta keep trying!

    Good luck Chika with WW!!

    Hope everyone has a great day!

    Onward and downward! Vxx
  10. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    morning everyone

    I had a good day yesterday, only had the thingd I was allowed. I had a very busy day. PC has been playing up for a while and was being sorted. I was lost without it, but , hopefully now it is all ok.

    off out this morning for a while, taking my old friend shopping.

    Hope you feel better soon Carry, stick to the plan today eh!!

    Have a good morning at Mum's :eek: Nicky and Andrea, don't let her force feed you two!

    Morning Sam, sorry didnt back to you yest. on msn....frigging pc!! Hope you are having a good day.

    Right, on my 2 GT and 1st litre of water..........................
    will check back later.

  11. Time4ME

    Time4ME MUST get a grip

    Morning peeps

    Morning all
    Another grey day - cant wait for an improvement in the weather, this rain means I can hardly even get the dog out for much of a trot!
    Really struggling with water already - tho the taste in my mouth is unbearable so I need to start glugging... Day 11 under way for me now and half a pack consumed.
    My ex picks kids up from school today & I am hoping that we can start negotiating on transferring the house. I'm stuck in no where land at the mo as we still have joint bank accounts, he's paying the mortgage but not alot else & spends all his money and time on his social life - which is fine but I need to stretch myself financially and take over the house.
    I dont know how he feels - I am offering him a third of it in cash - but I think he will see it that he 'deserves' more - due to the abuse I suffered I am not quite sure about that but an out of court settlement would be better for him otherwise it'll be court costs galore!
    Still less about my woes.... Hope you all have a gr8 day xxx
  12. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    Hey everyone,

    It's throwing it down here too, very miserable indeed. I need to go to the Post Office to post some of my paintings but I've just straightened my hair and any bit of rain on it will have me looking like Crystal Tips :D

    Chika, wishing you lots of luck in your ww journey. I'm on low carb at the mo, won't go into details of what I'm eating on account of our fellow members who are ss'ing, it wouldnt be fair but if you want me to p.m. you on the things I'm eating then give me a shout...I'm still in ketosis you see so am burning off stored fats.

    Anyway is a link to the painting that I showed you, it's currently listed on Ebay 12" ORIGINAL mixed media folk PAINTING girl & CAT JoRo on eBay, also Watercolour Gouache, Paintings, Artists Self-Representing, Art (end time 22-Jan-08 21:38:16 GMT)

    Hope we all have a great day today..missy, I do hope your tummy is ok today, I believe that gall bladder pain is dreadful. My Dad and one of friends both had their g.b. out at the same time. my friend had key hole and my Dad had the slice....totally different experience for both of them...but that's another story.
    I hope you feel ok now though hun.
    steer clear from naughties today :D

    xx sj xx
  13. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    time4me, I do hope that you and your ex come to some kind of arrangement, preferably in your favour :D
    I hope you're doing ok??

    xx sj xx
  14. JodieJoJo

    JodieJoJo Silver Member

    Hi everyone

    Hooray - a blip free day for me yesterday! The key is definitely having a shake late in the evening. So glad I've found a solution! (lets hope it keeps that way!)

    So far so good today. ds at nursery till lunch time and then dh is taking him swimming. I'm going to catch up at home with housework and mounds of paperwork:(

    Missy - you poor thing, i know just how you feel. I had my gallbladder out when i was 19 with keyhole surgery (it was quite a new surgery in those days) and it was such a relief. Will you be having surgery?

    Time for a cup of tea i think. Catch you all later.
  15. LynseyLou

    LynseyLou Full Member

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    Afternoon Ladies, I'm feeling very hyperactive today....for a change...not!

    Am only 1 litre down but just going to the water machine for a top up.... :tear_drop::tear_drop:

    1 Pack down and off to aqua arebobics tonight which I luuurrvvee! :happy036::character00180:

    Found a good way to get my 4 packs down me by saving a banana one for my evening "pudding" and making it up in a bowl with hot water in a custard consistancy YUUUMMMM! :gimi:

    Good luck ladies with any WI and of luck on WW I hope it goes well for you.

    Missy ... :hug99: hope you feel better soon xx
  16. JayneGreeny

    JayneGreeny Full Member

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    shake that weight
    Afternoon all, im not feeling to bad today struggling alittle bit with it being totm but ill keep going,was going to have a piece of chicken but desided against it and lll keep going.
    Had my chocolate shake earlier this morning, and a coffee and just have am stawberry shake. nearly had 1.5 litres today.
    I can;t believe ive nearly been doing this two weeks now.:)
  17. blue_grapefruit

    blue_grapefruit Gold Member

    Hey monkeys,

    Sorry i've not been on here lately, strangely been trying to get some work done, and meeting up with some friends that have come back to cardiff afer christmas.

    From the past i know that diet coke doesnt kick me out of ketosis, but i think i had one too many and my stick went beige day b4 yesterday :( It also meant that i struggled with hunger yesterday so had a 790 meal of chicken and mushrooms just so i could avoid the carbs. I REALLY mean to get my head back in the game today, and sit down to do more work.
    Apparently Uni starts a week earlier than i thought, which is GREAT news IMO cos im starting to get bored and my chatterbox is off on a mission to make me fall flat on my face.

    Anyway, missed you!
    Love Leah xxx
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  19. susandan

    susandan Full Member

    Hi everyone,
    I too apolagise - yet again - for not posting for sometime, I have been messing about on CD for the past few weeks and now I think I've cracked it, I'm on day 3. I think I've messed up over the last few weeks because I haven't had 3 straight days off work to get me started, I couldn't do it whilst at work but hoping that after today (work tomorrow) I will be ok, I'm sure I will!
    I know that the first three days are usually the worse, so I think, no more headaches after today? And I'm so tired today, can't remember when that goes away...can anyone tell me?
    Got to lose weight for holiday 3rd of may - 3 stone would be lovely!

    cheers everyone..susan
  20. SoonToBeGorgeous

    SoonToBeGorgeous Loving the Cambridge Diet

    Cambridge Plan
    I have made such a booboo.

    It is my boyfriend's birthday on 23rd February so, as a surprise, I booked us a room at a country house hotel with four-poster bed, etc.

    He can't go!!! Since he hadn't seen his parents since last September - he was working Christmas and New Year - he had promised them he would go down for his birthday - he lives in Cumbria, they live in Buckinghamshire.

    The hotel have said I can change the booking without charge but only for the month of February. From March onwards the price rockets by another £150 per night.

    The worst of it is that I have had to confess everything to him to try to reorganise it - so the surprise is spoilt anyway.

    That is the last time I try to book a surprise without checking first!

    What an idiot.



    Awww - that is such a shame, he would have loved that more than going to his parents I'm sure. How romantic of you - He will love you for doing that anyway. Couldn't he go to his parents the following weekend or you change the booking to the following week - celebrate his birthday a bit later?
    Other than that, they must have a cancellation policy so you should get a full refund if you cancel in time.
    I understand how you feel though - it really is horrible when your plans are thwarted and it was such a lovely thought too.
    Hope you can work it out - he's sure to be a nice bloke cos he's got the same birthday as meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
    Take care
  22. SoonToBeGorgeous

    SoonToBeGorgeous Loving the Cambridge Diet

    Cambridge Plan
    Unfortunately the site I booked through has a no-refund policy on certain hotels - that being one of them. So it is either move the dates or lose the money.

    I have until 1st February to try to change the dates - it depends on his work though.

    My birthday is 14th March so we are both Pisceans! Lots of romance going on!

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