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**THURSDAY** lets take it hour by hour!


Addicted to Minimins!
Morning luvvies, another 100% day dawns for me and after my blip i need to get back on track or lose the plot completely. :sigh:
I've spoken to my CDC and put my order in for the next two weeks (she's away next week so no official WI) and am looking forward to getting back into it properly.
I mentioned my 30th and she said as long as i was just having a meal then i could do that and get straight back onto ss but if i'm planning on drinking then i need to eat for the few days leading up to the event to completely knock my body out of ketosis so i don't have any bad effects from the alcohol. I haven't decided what i'm going to do to be honest. My MIL is baking me a cake (apparently) & i know my OH wants to take me out - but i just don't know how i feel about it. I'm only gonna be 30 once but i don't wanna feel like a super fat pig if i go off plan completely and undo my weight loss so far. :sigh:

Anyway, I've got about a week before i have to make any kind of decisions about it so am trying to 100% it today.

How's everyone doing this week???
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Stubborn tortoise
Hi Rayven, I am in today... also planning for a 100% 810 week to push the weight loss a bit more, as it's slowing down... so. One porridge & 3 vats of herby tea down, and a cranberry bar set aside for lunch...
Hi Rayven!

I've had to make a similar decision.
It's my first wedding anniversary this weekend and was totally unsure as what to do.

i have decided seen as tomorrow is the start of my 5th week, I am going to SS+ for a week. That way I can still have a meal to celebrate. I wont be having the alcohol though, had a long think about it but decided against it in the end.

My feeling are conformed after last nights event (my thread in 100% forum) so.... here is to another fab 100% day! ROCK ON! lol
Today is a tough tough day! Im really hating work at the moment and just feel like everyones picking on me. Just wana binge into a big bowl of minstrels... its not even totm. :(
Aw Crazylilblondie dont do it, just think of all the hard work and how far you've come.

Sod them at work, it's almost the weekend chick.

Chin up and troop on x


Stubborn tortoise
Too right... you're doing so well, don't let them get to you!!! This is the kind of emotional eating I used to do all the time... someone might say something thoughtless and I'd dive into a choc binge and end up feeling a million times worse than before...
Wonder if there is a bit of green-eyed-monster going on at work, because of your fab weight losses? Think they could just be jealous! Hang on in there... and step away from the minstrels!


Mummy of 2!
hi everyone

my 3rd day today and im feeling good. no mega hunger just a few tiny rumbles that go away with drinking water:D
im drinking 2.5 litres at least, yet i woke up really dehydrated this morning?! so need to keep an eye on that.

aw crazylilblondie, dont let them get to you. chin up chick and step away from the minstrels!
Aww thanks everyone for your support. I decided to go out in my lunch break today... usually i just stay in and surf facebook as if i leave the building I get attacked by chuggers. But needed an escape and some motivation. I went to Miss Selfridge and tried on 5 dresses - all size 10! So that really boosted my confidence! Though they were quite floaty, hehe. It is rediculous though, I was just thinking about it today. Im a size 10-12 and yet Im still half a stone overweight. Doesnt make sense!! lol


Stubborn tortoise
At a 10-12 you must look and feel amazing, though - and 7lbs away from target!!! That's SO close!!!
Hi all, met my friend in town today for a skinny latte and they didn't have any small cups so gave us medium ones for the price of a small one...we only drunk half, how good were we?? Trust me, the cups were HUGE! 100% today, not got anything in other than quorn (which has been making me really bloated recently) so gonna just have 4 shakes plus the milk from earlier. One day can't hurt! Hope everyone is ok x
At a 10-12 you must look and feel amazing, though - and 7lbs away from target!!! That's SO close!!!
It was a bit of a boost. Though Id still like my size 10 jeans to fit properly - i put them on the other day and they were so tight I could barely bend my legs, and had a nice muffin top to go too!

Im 8lbs from first target, then I want to lose another ston-ish after that so Im safely in the middle of healthy BMI, not on the verge!


Stubborn tortoise
You can do it honey. I'm envious as never in my wildest dreams will I fit into a size 10... even when slim, in the dim & distant past, I never made it that far down! So enjoy it, those jeans will be a perfect fit before long.
I know what you mean... I am aiming at 11stone which is 11lbs away & at the very top of a healthy weight range on the charts for my height. I'd like to be a bit less, but not sure if that will be possible, and already feel so much better I wouldn't push it just to get to a magic number... will see how I feel. But getting to 11st... that would feel SO good!
We can do it. Hope you are feeling better, anyhow!

Had WI at 5pm and... lost another 7lbs!
Am UBER happy lol

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