Thursday Weighers


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Good luck Sue and everyone else who weighs in today :)


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Good luck to all you Thursday WI's today.


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3.5lbs off for me this week - well, over 2 weeks as didn't get to class last week. Only 0.5lb to get back to pre-Christmas weight


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well done Sue! i go tonight so hope i can lose after gaining a pound over Xmas and New Year.....wanna get on track for my minigoals!!! :)



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Well done Sue and Good Luck to the rest of Team Thursday!!!

I've lost 4lbs this week! very chuffed as it means i've lost my xmas weight and an extra lb. I've started the gym again and it's obviously helping...

hugs all round x x

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Well done Sue and good luck Team Thursday! I need 1.5 pounds for my stone award tonight (and another charm from OH) but a sneek peek (I know, I know!) this morning shows a STS and as I weigh in tonight that may become a small gain - eek! Will keep you posted xxx


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Good luck all!

Tonight will be my first WI since before Christmas due to changing WI days to days I couldn't make and last week being cancelled because of snow. Argh! I need all the luck I can get!


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I had my 1st weigh in since before Christmas and had put on 4.5lbs all my own fault have been eating all the naughty things left over from Christmas and without the looming scales I have got a bit out of control but today is the 1st day of starting again. Well done to those that have lost and good luck to those weighing later today.


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Well done Hayley and Sue! I weigh in at 6:30 and it's my first weigh in, I'll report back when I have!



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Hi everyone - well I hadn't been officially weighed since the week before Christmas. I couldn't go over Christmas and New Year and then snow cancelled a meeting!!

Anyway getting down to the nitty gritty I have put on 4.5lb :cry:

But when I think how much I have eaten and drunk over this time its not a surprise !

Anyway on a positive note I am feeling really in the "zone" and this is going to be the year that I make changes!!! Yay!

Good luck with your weigh ins everyone :)


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Well done Sue brilliant work!! Also well done to all you lovely thursday weighers!!


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First weigh-in tonight since I re-joined last week. 3 pounds off so I'm happy enough!


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Well done everyone!

5.5lb off tonight! Really chuffed!
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