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Thursdays Hour By Hour

omg....LMAO, it's 01.37am, now that's early sweetie...LOL

I'm off to bed now darlin....be sure to catch you on here later.

my dd went to bed at about 9.15pm :eek: so we will probably be up between 8 and 9 tomorrow.....lazy git I know LOL..but when she's in school there'll be none of that so might as well make the most of it :D

until later sweetie... xxxxx sj
My 2 girlies start back at school tomorrow!(well thursday, but I havent been to bed yet so it still seems like tomorrow!) So my little support group for my first day on SS restart wont be around. They've been bugging me like mad to restart, in a nice way :)

I saw my Mum a few days ago, don't get to see her very often. She told me something funny....

My 2 girls were staying with her a few weeks ago..... Mum & Dad had some friends round one evening and my name came up in conversation. I don't know what the exact conversation was but someone was asking how I was. The conversation turned to meals, I used to work in catering, conversation was something related to that. My 6 year old announced to the group "My Mum never eats anything, she just drinks all the time." She meant shakes and water when I was doing SS, but omg how bad did that sound! I laughed lots when Mum told me :D

Off to bed now. I'll be back on this thread for my Day 1 of restart. Good luck everyone for Thursday. Bug me to drink lots of water please!

This time I can do it :)

Morning ladies
Blimey Nessa! quick off the mark today!:D:D
Sorry you are having a bad time sleeping hun, dunno what to suggest!
My scales seem to have got stuck. I haven't lost since last week :confused: so I am gonna try to SS for the next few days then go back to 790.
Am glugging away, having at least 3 1/2 litres a day. I am gonna aim to up that today though. Shouldn't be a problem, I am taking the girls on a Teddy Bears Picnic!!!


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Morning all...sorry you're not sleeping Nessa.:( I for one know how annoying that is. But, I do find that on SS I sleep a lot better.:)

My CDC told me it was because I possibly have a intolerance to somethings I used to eat and that it could stop me sleeping. Who Knows!!! I'ts possible.:confused:

Anyway, sunshine here up and ready for another day. already gluggling :tear_drop::tear_drop:. Have my good deed of the day to do in a min...set my neighbours hair and polish her bedrooms.....(she's 81, bless) ;)

Nearly through my 2nd week...feeling chuffed with myself. This is the longest I have been on SS since my many restarts :D

Off now...catch you all later....well done all and have a good day.:)
morning guys i wasn t around much yesterday the scales are finally moving have lost that 3lb after my blip and another 2lb so i m chuffed,
hope everyone has a good day
i m definately not gonna do it again it s taken me a few days to get my head back in the right place ,no amount of food (however nice it is ) is worth feeling like that again


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well so far I have drunk 2 cups of coffee and 2 liters of water, mind you i did not sleep at all last night was lucky to get an hour. On with day, don't plan to do a lot at all as i think I will get grumpy and tired very quickly today.
Morning girls,
omg nessa u sure did start this thread early huni, sorry to here your not sleeping properly,ss seems to have the opposite effect with me i'm affraid get to bed early most nights!!!!!
Gonna do better with my water intake today as yesterday only managed 2 1/2 ltrs whitch aint good for me.
good luck to any ppl with weigh-ins today
sending positive :vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes:to all for a good day!!


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yes morning all, hope you all have a good day:tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:
I used have trouble sleeping before i went on cd and now i am having a good 8 hours, i was still fast a sleep at 8 this morning, kids as well and the phone goes it was my hubby, i shoulted "what do you want" he NOTHING just phoning to see if you were UP!! Grrrrr
Dont you just love that.


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Morning all :grouphugg:

I wonder whether social services will give me a commode for my bedroom!!!
Morning guys!!!

Here's to a spanking day and lots of water glugging for us all! I did a sneaky wi this morning (bearing in mind it's only day 2) and I'm 3.2 lbs down already!! How chuffed am i??!! It;s only water loss I know and the gym probably helped yesterday morning, but still ... it's in the right direction! :D

Nessa hun - kinda sucks that you aren't sleeping. Have you tried a long soak in some lavender bubble bath before beddy byes?? I find the Johnson baby one with lavender does the job.



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:tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:Can't I just pour it in the loo and cut out the middleman ?:character00180:
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Morning all

The sun is out, the sky is blue down in London - Lovely! Nessa so sorry to hear you aren't sleeping well. It seems to have the opposite effect for me, I am usually out like a light. Perhaps try a few drops of lavender on your pillow.

Good luck MochaJ on your first day - keep us posted on how you are going.

Maggie, so pleased that this is the furthest you have come on SS and all is going well for you.

Hope everyone has a great day and enjoy the sunshine.


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