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    I cant believe im in week 4 :eek: - when I started my LT journey I was looking at some people's signatures and seeing how long they had been on LT and I really couldnt get my head around it! :confused: lol

    When I get weighed this week I will have been on LT a whole month!!!!!! :D Wow - the time really has flown in.... and I am actually really enjoying the process now and I have really settled into my new routines and I feel very confident I will reach my goal and maintain my ideal weight. ;)

    To reach my ideal weight I reckon I will be on LT for another 2 months. The way I look at it is - I have easily got the first month almost behind me now and it has gotten easier week by week. All I have to do is do this 2 more times, and I will have acheived the weight I have been dreaming about for the last 10 years!

    The 1st and 2nd weeks are hard, you first of all have to get into ketosis to stave off hunger, you have to do without comfort eating for the first time in God knows how long, you have to foresake any social arrangements evolving around food and drink, and many people dont seem to notice a big difference in their clothes in the first 2 weeks either.

    I think week 3 is when everything starts to fall into place. In my 1st and 2nd week I was obessed with looking at the calendar and trying to figure out how long it would take me to achieve my goal. Now I dont even think about, I just take it day at a time, I have my shakes, I exercise, I drink my water and I KNOW I will get there sometime this summer. I wont stop until I get there. My trousers are a size smaller and I have lost inches from my waist, hips and thighs.

    If you are in the first couple of weeks then please know that it really does it easier! And when you get to the end of your first month you really will be surprised at how quickly the time went and you will realise that you definitely have the strength and will power to continue and enjoy it! :)

    I know it probably depends on how much weight you have to loose, but I reckon for me the next month is really going to be big for me! The next stone or so that I loose will see me closer to my healthy BMI and with me being such a wee short ass - the difference another stone makes to me will be immense!

    I really feel you need to give LT at least 2 months, but after the first month believe me you really will want to continue on....

    So if you are in the first couple of weeks and finding it tough then just believe in yourself and believe in the process and stick to it.... and everything will work out just great for you. :)

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    Fantastic post well done babe, you can stay behind after class for some special cuddles;) xxxxxxx
  4. thefutureisbright

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    sounds sexual ;) lol xox
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    it flies by doesnt it, i cant believe today is the beginning of week 4 for me, i am loving it though i feel so much healthier already, i never thought going without food would be so satisfying x
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    I can't believe I've been doing LT for 8 weeks - or that I'm now 3 stone lighter! Life can only get better!!!

    Time also flies when I'm on here! I pop on for 10 minutes and 2 hours has flown by!!!! At least it's stopping me spending on eBay!!!! Lol!!!!

  7. serendipity1980

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    too true! Its dark now and it was really bright when I came on! Another addiction I think! well done julz!
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