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Time for a Break


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Hi everyone,

I started the Lipotrim diet four and a half weeks ago. This saturday will be the end of my fifth week. I started very well but for the last 3 weeks have had small losses. The PCOS is making it soooo dificult to shift the weight, even on this diet.
I have lost over 1 Stone which is brilliant and I am sure I will be adding a few more pounds to that when I get weighed on saturday. However....

I have decided that I need to do excercise. As I dont have alot to lose I believe that excercise will help shift some of the tummy and trim other parts. I will not be carrying on with TFR but will be dicussing refeed with my pharmacist.

I have also decided to go to the gym a few hours daily as it is close to my house and do some light excercise. I may not refeed but will eat steamed chicken and veg while doing this. My dad just joined up with a gym and I want to go with him. I dont think I can do both TFR and gym.

I want to see what results I am going to get with this. If after a month the results are not any better then I will start back on the TFR.

I will still be here and I will still update my ticker and share experiences.

I just dont want to ruin what I have achieved here by having slip ups and falling off the wagon. By changing to go gym and planning to come back, I think I will still have the motivation I had when I started. My decision is solely based on changing tactic nothing to do with food or craving or anything.
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ya gotta do what you feel is right for you hun.
i know you would have thought very hard about this so its the right decision for you.
i hope the gym works out for you and you shift that bit more to start your treatment,
good luck x
As said, you must do what suits you. You have made a brilliant start so far that I'm sure you will continue with your new plan.

Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

Good luck with your new regime hun. We'll miss you in here tho- so make sure you come back and let us know how you're getting on. Hope it all goes well



Positivity is the key
Hi Jesi,
hope you are ok after your decision. You know what you want to do best and what your struggle was before this. You have done very well and there is no doubt you will succeed as you want it badly. I hope all goes well, looking forward to hearing how you get on.


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best of luck Jesi as Doirin sayes once you have your mind made you i'm sure you can do it ;)


Otherwise known as Jools
Good Luck - I am sure that you will do brilliantly :D
Hi Hun,
Follow your heart...... You must do what you feel is right.
Kepp in touch with us all......We are only a post away xxx


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Thanks you everyone, each and every one of you are very valuable and much appriciated.

I will still be here to see how you all get along. All your kind words mean alot. Good Luck to all :)
hey jesi!! sorry to see you go but think your making a good decision and maybe going to the gym with your dad'll give you a boost and also your not far off your goal bmi!! get stuck in girl but don't forget we are all here for anything and everything so do check in regularly missy!!! hugs xxxxx


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PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome --- multiple cyst formation on the ovaries ..

Yeah what she said :D:D:D:D:D

Ohhh my sweet yummymummy :) I will still be here and I will still see you kick the fat out of your body :)

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