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Time for a change

Hello all,:wave_cry:

I have been with Weight Watchers for about 10 months now and to start with it was brilliant. However since about November I have been losing and gaining the same half stone.

I am a bit paranoid that I will lose well to start with and then mess up. I did lose a lot several years ago on Atkins but I wasn't doing it properly and in the end regained it all and more.

I'm thinking about whether it would be possible to give it a go and then when I feel like I can't continue raising the carb levels (still low but enough to have a break). I'm hoping that would mean I would maintain weight for a while until I sort myself out.

I know it's not a good idea starting with the thought it will all go wrong but if I have a plan in place I may just be able to stick with it.

What do you think? Any ideas?
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Hi Milly, I've only just started back on Atkins myself, so not the best person to answer your question. I did Atkins years ago & lost successfully, but got stuck in a stall, gave up & of course put the weight back on. I feel so positive now having read the book & started again that not only can I lose weight doing this I can maintain with it too, as that has been such a battle over the last few years - having lost my weight again with Cambridge - and like you I keep losing & regaining the same half stone!

It's only day 2 so very early days, but honestly this doesn't feel like a diet, I can't believe how much I'm eating, it's so nice to be starving all the time and as yet, I'm not craving anything

I'm sure someone will come along & give you some more advice, but I'd say go for it :)


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I think once you choose this diet you are going to have to be low carb for life. You ca go up to around 60 carbs per day which isnt bad at all! still have some treats in that.
If i went back to they i was eating id put it all back on :(
Hi Milly,

One of the major parts of Atkins is re-educating your eating habits, followed properly through all the stages, it does require you to increase your carbs, but in a regulated manner.
That's 'cos I'm old and I've been around love. :)
Thanks everyone:D
I have decided to give it a go. I think otherwise I will still be trying to lose this 7lb all year:eek:

Had a lovely omelette for lunch with mushrooms and cheese. mmmmmm!! It was lovely.

I can do it and I will do it:D
Thanks again
OK I look forward to seeing your posts Milly.

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