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Time of the Month and/or PCOS - ladies

Hi all, in Feb 09 i came off the pill to try for another baby and didnt have any periods for a long time, drs diagnosed me with pcos and said i wasnt ovulating. I eventually had a period in December 09 and luckily enough fell pregnant, i gave birth in October, and decided not to go back on the pill as i didnt want any false hormones in my body incase it had affected my pcos before so when it comes to me wanting to try again it might be easier. i've had 2 periods since and everything seemed to be going fine but then i was due to come on the beginning of this week and havent yet, im wondering if the diet has affected it as its my first week. has anyone else had any problems with their periods??
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My periods have always been to the day, but I have to admit on this diet they did get late....

I know some people even missed entire periods...

Mine and others have got back to normal when refeed is completed.

Hope that helps, I'm sure others will be along to say how they have coped

Good luck hun xx


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Yes, the diet plays havoc with your cycles. Mine went from 29 days to 60 days and everything in between and if I remember correctly one of our long standing members who is currently on maintenance had totm daily for her entire 8 month approx LT duration!

Don't worry, it returns to normal once your back eating again :)
I was shocked this morning when i had a show it wasn't much and i wasn't really worried becouse it happend last time i was on LT
the strange part of this is i have a mirena coil lol and don't have periods and havn't for 3 years so yea diets do affect or should i say LT does affect them

debz x


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Hi Becca. I have PCOS too and had fertility treatment to conceive both of my boys. It took me 5 years to get pg with my first! This is one of the reasons I think I do best on lipotrim, as low carb seems to work very well in people who have PCOS and most likely insulin resistance also :(

My cycles haven't been affected whilst on TFR, but of course the very nature of PCOS will cause some irregularity. Hopefully things will settle down for you again soon :)

Good luck xx
Thanks all, made me feel alot better, hopefully its just late but if not il wait until i've finished LT to see if all goes back to normal before stressing too much!!

Lolapink - i was on the pill last time i did LT and was fine.

thanks again xxx
You'll lose 3stone by May easy, just stick at it and keep thinking how amazing you're going to look in your dress!!
I've not even picked my dress yet, not been able to bring myself to try any on, Know i'll just hate them all on when i'm so unhappy with my body shape. Going to go looking at the end of this month, hopefully will have lost a stone by then so hoping i'll be feeling better about myself!
Have you got everything organized??
I was doing well in august when we got engaged and got most of the big stuff out of the way and now the new year is here it's suddenly hit me!!! I've been on the net this morning ordering veil and off to put money down on bridesmaids dresses this avo as they take 4 months to come in! Eek! The stupid thing is Ive put on so much weight since ordering my dress in October, it just seemed so far away it wasn't a problem! I want to sort it out before it is a problem! My dress took 6 months so should be here in April, aaagghh!!! Wedding dress shopping is such fun, although I'm 35 I still made my mum cry!

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