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  1. LaylaLea

    LaylaLea Active Member

    Has anyone weighed in on their period? Before doing Cambridge I would bloat so much around that time of the month and always gain like 7lbs. If I see a gain on the scales at my meeting I will feel so disheartened! Am I still likely to show a gain/1lb loss on the scales using cambridge? Any advice/previous experience would be great, thanks ladies xx

    Weight loss to date:
    Week 1: 13lbs
    Week 2: 6lbs
    Week 3: 5lbs

    Total : 1stone 10lbs
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  3. Chlo

    Chlo Well-Known Member

    I sometimes show a gain at that time of month, but it is down to the individual. I also know it will mean a big loss next week as it isn't a real gain it is water retention. The other thing I do is take measurements, that way even if I don't have a loss I don't get disheartened as I see the inches come off instead.
  4. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Well-Known Member

    I haven't shown a gain at totm but I tend to lose less at that point. But Chlo is right with the taking a measurements, feeling bloated doesn't mean actually being bloated. The inch loss at my totm helps with the lack of lbs.
  5. Emzjone62

    Emzjone62 Well-Known Member

    It didn't seem to affect me to much but I'll keep an eye on it. X

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