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Time of the month & weigh results?

Is it normal for you to weigh 1-2lbs heavier while its the time of the month , or am i gaining weight again?

im exercisin lots and eating well , its my time of the month and when i stand on scales sometimes its 1lb heavier and once it said 2lb heavier...

please let me know.. im freaking out LOL.

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You usually retain water during your period and that can add a pound or two. I usually get really bad salty food cravings a day or two before and that adds to my water retention! The best thing to do is lay off salty foods before and drink more water (which is good to do anyway) and it should help with the bloating. I usually find that a few days after my period i've dropped the weight plus an additional pound or two.
thankyou x
The day of my last weigh in i actually came on my period that morning and it didn't effect the scales at all, i still lost 2 and a half pounds :D

Im crossing my fingers and my toes for tomorrow now that im done that i'll see a much better result than last week now that its a few days after my period. :)


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Hi, a lot of people retain water at that TOTM, and it shows on the scales, but it comes off usually the week after. I tend to gain about 1/2lb on TOTM weeks.

just thought id sneak in and say, TOTM with me i put on 6lbs this time started panicking as i've had weight loss surgery 5 weeks ago. I always knew i put on weight with totm before the op but really thought it was around 3-4lbs. So you are normal lol. xx
Christ on a bike! Weighed myself this morning to find that I've put on at least 5lbs literally overnight. :eek: I haven't cheated at all, and I've been doing 30 mins stepper as exercise everynight. I'm due on in the next couple of days. Please please PLEASE tell me that's why and I haven't got any fatter. :cry:
haha dont panic hunnn , the week before you come on your body stores water , the good news is it will disapear too shortly after x
I usually gain about two pounds during that TOTM. So I would freak-out to much. Also when you weigh yourself make sure that you are wearing about the same thing that you wore the time before and make sure it is around the same time and on the same scale. Also avoid weighing your self after meals.
Well, I seem too have lost the extra 5lbs during the course of one day! (lesson learnt - only weight yourself ONCE a week, not every day and Don't PANIC).

Having said that, I've not lost any more yet, despite being very very well behaved. :(

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