Time spent on each of the maintainance steps? Advice Please :)

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by That's_So_Fetch, 26 July 2007 Social URL.

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  1. That's_So_Fetch

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    Cambridge Diet
    Hi all, i am just finishing off the 790cals step now that i am very near goal and i will be on 1000cals next week.

    I was just wondering if i could get some advice on the following questions:

    Is it best to spend 1 week on each of the maintainance steps or 2 weeks??

    Would it make a great deal of difference to maintaining if you spent 1 week on each step or would 2 weeks be better??
    (Is this the same question as above?? lol)

    Can anyone please share their experiences of working up the maintainance stages and expereiences of any gain or loss in weight??

    I am asking about this because i have ramadan starting in early september and i really want to be back to eating properly by then, so i can make sure i am properly nourished through the month. I also cannot eat or drink anything during sunlight hours so it will be difficult for me to drink all my water because i dont like to drink any after 8pmish.

    Some questions about after CD:

    How did you go about with eating carbs such as bread, potatoes and pasta??

    Did you give them up completley or stick to low GI??

    I would like to eat things like sandwiches from time to time and i will try to eat granary bread and make them at home but would it make a great difference if i have wholemeal bread??

    I really want to stick to low GI and intend on joining Rosemary C to help maintain my weight but i just want to make sure of what i can eat, especially since i have done CD to lose weight.

    I am sorry about all the questions, i am just alittle nervous about moving up the stages and worried about maintaining, especially since i have ramadan coming up.

    I know i propbably wont get many replies because i know how tiring it can be to answer so many questions and read a long post, but i would really appreciate any advice.

    Thanks in advance.

    I hope everyone is doing well with their diets :) xx
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  3. missymoo

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    Im no where near my maintenance stages yet but Im also keen to know? ... I like planning ahead .. lol
  4. Ruthlet

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    Sorry I cannot be more help. I don't blame you for being nervous about moving up the steps and just wanted to let you know you are not alone- it is something I worry about too. I think it is only natural to worry about how we will handle eating without the structure that CD provides especially when you have been on it for a while. According to many of the threads I have read on here by the folks that have lost their wieght and are now maintaining the key seems to be regular exercise and a healthy diet with naughty treats in moderation - Madam Dotty has a maintenance thread somewhere on here, maybe you could look it out?
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  5. That's_So_Fetch

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    Cambridge Diet
    Thank you for your replies, i really do appreciate all your support :hug99: and i hope i can return it too :).

    Missy: I also like planning ahead. I have the number for my local Rosemary C group but i am going to wait untill i am on 1200cals step to see if i can join to maintain my weight and also take part in their exercise class. I will defo fill you in on my experiences and how i go about it with diet and exercise, if you want me too. I might keep an online diary but i always get bored with them :rolleyes:, lol ( you might have noticed this with my CD diary :rolleyes:).

    Ruthlet: I will let you know how i get on too if you would like to know. Thank you for the advice you gave, i appreciate all the support i can get. My CDC said i should spend 2 weeks on each step but i will see how i get on over the next month.

    I have been thinking about ramadan and i think 1500cals will be all i can get in really because i can't eat during sunlight hours. I think i will follow that step from the cambridge booklet, plus an extra CD milkshakes to get all my nutrients. I hope to plan it all out once i get closer to september.

    I have been reading up on carb consumption too and i think low carb is a healthy life style to have, with occasional treats like you mentioned. I was just curious about what to do when it comes to sandwiches because that is what i like to eat for lunch. But i think i will try to subsitute it for chicken/egg salads when i am eating properly again.

    I will defo have a look for the maintaince thread by Madam Dotty tmrw, i think i have done enough reading for tonight. I got 2 magazines today as a treat, lol. A Rosemary C magazine and a general diet magazine, reading them has made me so much more motivated to start exercising, so i cant wait to start now :).

    This is another question but do you think it will be healthy for me to get to about 8 stones?? My goal with CD is 8.7 lbs but i thought if i got to 8 stones, then i could put 7 lbs of muscle on because i want to get really toned.

    Sorry about the long post again, lol. Thanks again for your replies :) xx
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