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time to get serious! done it before and *WILL* do it again!


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Hi, i lost a lot of weight after my first daughter doing calorie counting through sheer determination and control! I would love to have that control back and get back to my happy place!

Since that episode 5 years ago, i have been through another pregnancy and weight gain again, since that weight gain i have tried weight watchers, slimming world, cambridge diet etc etc! They ALL work, i just cant get the control i had back, it doesnt help that on sw i was gaining weight some weeks, i need to see results!

So now i am here, back to where i am comfortable with, this time, however im much more settled and comfortable in general, in life, and i'm hoping i can get rid of this complacent attitude, so i can be slim and confident again, while i still have half of my 20's left, i started my 20's slim, and im gonna end them slim!

I've had a bit of a blowout this week, all things out of my system, have supposedly been calorie counting for the past few days however iv been near the 2000 mark every day! We did go shopping though and i cant settle when i have lots of food in the house, im always thinking 'oooo what can i have now' or 'that would be nice, i might be a bit hungry'

So now all the good stuff is on its way out (calorific, or trigger food that i just want to eat) i publicly pledge that tomoro, i am going to try my hardest, to eat no more than 1200 calories!

As i am less focused and determined this time, its all too easy to just stay 'podgy' im hoping minimins and myfitnesspal will help me get through the first few days and weeks, until i really get my teeth into it, and regain that disciplined, self controlled, slim girl that i know is hiding under the 3 stone result of chocolate/chinese/rogan josh 4 year binge session.

Wish me luck! I will keep my food diary here, thoughts and rambles, im a serial moaner, scoffer and TALKER, as this post shows!

Any support is greatly appreciated.

Hello, my name is Amy, and i am overweight.

Start : 11st 13lbs.

Height : 5ft 4inches
Location : fell out of the last steak bake tree and ate every branch on the way down.
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Hi Amy, welcome back to ccing. If this is where you felt truly comfortable before, then I think you have made the right decision coming back. :)

I look forward to reading your diary, as I too am a serial moaner and scoffer.

Good luck hun xxx :D


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Breakfast 200cals
Sachet of fudge oats so simple 120 cals
180ml semi skimmed milk 80 cals

Lunch 454cals
Warburtons square wrap 159 cals
Wafer thin turkey ham 84cals
tommy puree 41 cals
onion and mushroom 25cals
GO dutch edam cheese 45g 145cals

Tea 609cals
(please look away this is naughty)
Morrisons stuffed pork belly (left over from the big shop) 549cals :eek:
mixed veg, brocolli, cauli and maybe some green beans 60 cals

total for the day 1263 cals!

this is my plan, if i can stick to this and get through the first day, i WILL complete this journey!!



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Hi ladies, wow, support already :) i know i've made the right decision, thank u for taking the time to comment and good luck too xx
Even with the naughty dinner, the end count is still great. I try to stick to between 1200 and 1500 kcals a day and I'm the same height as you so good going!


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I was going to say the same thing - it may have been naughty but heck for a day just over 1200 cals I think you did great! I need to get me some of those Warburton wraps, I have the sandwich thins but the hubby says he can't see the wraps in our Tesco, he's probably looking in the wrong place.

I'm not allowed to do the shopping because I don't understand the term "stick to the list" besides it's probably best I stay away from supermarkets at the moment ... too much temptation!
ooh, you made a pizza with the wraps. Aren't they fab?
You will do great on here. Like everyone said, even with the (naughty) dinner, you did well today. :)


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Seems like you had a good first day! :D


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Hi ladies, well i wish that had of been my first day, that was just my plan of action for today! I dont really know why i make plans like this though as i remember last time i never stuck to it, thats the beauty of calorie counting, i can have what i want when i want, and pre planning a daily menu kind of makes me feel like im on a 'set' diet.

Think my porridge has gone out the window though as i have just bought some raspberries and strawbs, so going to have them with a cheesecake muller light.

I did have a wrap pizza though last night for my tea and it was so nice! Really crunchy and crispy (might of been so nice because of all the full fat, two typesa cheese on it)

So i was been a bit optimistic yesterday, my few days of eating like the worlds gonna end, has left me with a starting weight, today, 6th of July 2011, of 12stone exactly! Nice round number for starts, and an even 3 ish stone to lose. If only it was all that simple!

Thank you again for the support that has been given before i've even started, im looking forward to this journey!

Good luck with you're day today!
Will post a full days menu at the end of the day with what i've actually had, not what i think i might.
Helloooo welcome aboard the minimins express!
Firstly, prepare to have your diary checked, double checked and triple checked by myself and we'll all spur you on with advice and motivation were need be :) And most importantly we'll all be at the finish line chanting "ITSME! ITSME!" when you get there :party0019:

Just ask if you've got any questions, that's why we're here :)

I am new (kinda) to this as well - I have been using mfp for a few weeks but like yourself not really doing that well

I was also a lot lighter too and I want 2 stone gone ASAP and the other 2/3 stone can come off at a nice pace

Just wanted to wish you the best of luck and will catch up again x

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hiya, good luck :) have just recently finished slimming world where i lost 10lbs, and just had a week off but luckily not really gained anything back.

For the past 5 years i've either been on a diet doing well, or off the diet going mental, never an in between and neither stage is a place i like to be. If i just knuckle down and get the bulk off i know i would be much happier again. I do well, lose it, and then its like a competition to see if i can put it all back on in less time!

I've probably spent the last 12years of my life on a diet, unfortunately at school i started to notice i was much bigger than other girls - probably only about 10 or 11 stone but at that age most of them are 8st so i always looked much heavier!

Im gonna get through day one... the next day, and the next day and take the rest as they come!

I might not be the healthiest of calorie counters, sometimes i just eat junk, but more often than not i eat pretty well.

Good luck too lucysmommy, even with a stone gone you will feel so much better :flirt2:

*First goal* 1200 calories (or less - weekend buffer zone) until friday :rolleyes:


on the shrink.!!
Hi there.
Good luck for ur start today. All the best on ur weightless journey xx
well my day was very naughty today...skinny latte, pain au chocolat then Prezzo for dinner...bread board and pasta to celebrate my best friend about to become a mummy!

Think I'll really start on Monday. I'll be using you for motivation x


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mrsc86 - some days just pan out that way, chin up though, today is a new one :) (and congrats for the new arrival for you're friend)

i probably had the worst diet day in the history of calorie counting!

my day involved.... a message from my friend asking if she could come round - oh no, somethings not good... what entailed was lots of man related tears, a lager loving teary friend only leads to one thing (or 27)
a ginsters ploughmans roll
a can of stella (oh dear...)
a bottle of pear koppaberg
a sandwich from the shop (335 cals this i do know)
some galaxy bite things
half a tub of pringles
and half a pack of doritos
and a bottle of rose wine

this morning i had a few words with myself on the way to school, i was going to go get a bacon sandwich from the butchers and maybe some crisps from the shop, but i stopped myself. today is going to be much better :rolleyes:

my mouth tastes like a phillipe ferrlopp and im a bit misty! think i best try and pile a few nutrients in my body today as its screaming at me and telling me im a bad tenant!

will update tonight with how today has gone... at the moment i have no clue what im doing or going to eat, but i will be under 1200 cals!

good luck everyone


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shamefully, after entering my days naughtiness into mfp, its telling me i have eaten 2770calories worth of garbage!

so today is officially my first day, i wasnt going to treat it as a stop-start type of thing but yesterday was truely awful so that cant be counted as day 1, luckily it was a one off, if we play out today - no booze
itsme said:
shamefully, after entering my days naughtiness into mfp, its telling me i have eaten 2770calories worth of garbage!

so today is officially my first day, i wasnt going to treat it as a stop-start type of thing but yesterday was truely awful so that cant be counted as day 1, luckily it was a one off, if we play out today - no booze :flirt2:
Oooh 'wince' lol the little snacky bits add up horribly quickly!!! But today is a new day! I am a big believer in

"it's already gone down your gullet and its too late to get it back out so forget it and try again!!!"

Home grown wisdom lol!!!

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yep me too, a firm believer of no point in crying over spilt milk, i scoffed it, i didnt enjoy it too much i could think of much better things to spend 2700 cals on haha, i dont think i could of done as much damage face down in a pile of spare ribs at an all you can eat chinese!

those 'pub' / drinking snacks are the DEVIL!

thank you for you're shared wisdom :D