Time to shift that last stone and a half

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  1. Sonya73

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    Hi folks,

    Having lost quite a bit of weight about three years ago, I've hovered at a weight that's about a stone and a half overweight since... I'm delighted that I've not put it back on again, and to be honest, I've not felt very motivated to lose more, as a size 14-16 seems quite normal and comfortable to me..

    I think I'm a pretty 'average' size, and it feels comfortable with me, so I've not been that concened with losing more, however, I know that realistically it would be healthier to be slimmer, and I think it would be a good thing to do, so I now feel that I would like to lose that last bit, and get down to a BMI of 25.

    Last time, I lost weight just by cutting down, and I guess that was relatively 'easy' as I had quite a bit to lose - however, it has not worked for shifting the last bit, I think because I've not been disciplined anough about it, and have got into some bad habits (eating toast and butter as a filler, instead of cooking proper meals etc) so I'm now calorie counting (sticking to about 1390 calories a day with myfitnesspal) - I'm in no big rush, but am focusing on eating a lot more veggies, and less rubbish...

    I'm hoping that posting on here again will keep me on track, and motivate me to stick to it, at least most of the time!
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  3. Sonya73

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    Went to Zumba last night (first time) - weigh 1lb heavier this morning! However, having had a quick google it seems that exercise often causes muscles to store water for a period afterwards, so I'm putting it down to that!

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