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Time to slim.....

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Livfin3, 11 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Livfin3

    Livfin3 Full Member

    Today's food diary

    B. Chocolate spoon size weetabix (hex b) with milk (hex a) melon and pineapple fruit bowl with muller Greek style lemon yoghurt 0.5 syns

    Snacks. Melon and pineapple. Bite size flapjacks 6 syns

    L. Homemade spiced butternut squash soup

    T. Moroccan chicken and cous cous with courgette and heaps of broccoli 1syn
    Drank loads of water today

    Total syns 7.5
    Last edited: 11 February 2014
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  3. geordiegirl1806

    geordiegirl1806 Full Member

    Food diary for me today:

    Breakfast: weetabix (HexA) and cut up banana with skimmed milk (HexB)

    Lunch: chicken and veg cous cous with black olives (1syn)

    Tea: beef in black bean sauce (5syns) and boiled rice

    Snacks: ww fromage frais 1/2 syn

    Total syns: 6 1/2 syns

    Don't think we've done too bad on our first day :) x
  4. geordiegirl1806

    geordiegirl1806 Full Member

    Ok went a little off plan today as took Fiona out for lunch so Moroccan chicken on hold for tonight lol

    Breakfast: scrambled eggs, mushrooms and spinach on 2 x slices of warburtons whole meal 400g toast (HexB) and baked beans

    Lunch/Tea (ate at 1345): grilled chicken breast with tomato and basil sauce with a sprinkle of mozerella (HexA) with jacket potato and garden peas with .......... 3 onion rings (7syns) and diet coke

    Snacks: mug shot later on maybe about 730pm and a ww fromage frais (0.5 syns)

    3 cups of coffee with milk - if syning milk will be 3 syns

    Total syns: 10.5 syns
  5. Siggy74

    Siggy74 Silver Member

    Hi here to subscribe. Good luck :)
  6. geordiegirl1806

    geordiegirl1806 Full Member

    Thanks siggy! Hoping to lose a decent amount of weight the end of March not putting an amount on just gonna see then I can't get disappointed if I don't hit a target :) hope your journey is going well x
  7. Livfin3

    Livfin3 Full Member

    B. Overnight oats (hex b) with muller light mandarin 1/2 syn topped with blueberries

    Snack. 4 cadburys white chocolate fingers 7 syn I think

    L. Homemade spiced butternut squash soup
    And a bowl of muller vanilla and dark choc yoghurt with loads of frozen mixed berries.

    T. Spaghetti bolognese, with spinach and cheese (hex a)

    Loads of water to drink!

    Total syns for today..... 7 1/2
  8. scfc419

    scfc419 Member

    Brekkie - 2 alpen light bars (HeB), Muller light Strawberry
    Lunch - Jacket and Beans
    Tea - bolognese (homemade) with rice
    Coffee x 3 using HeA for Skimmed Milk

    (saving syns for meal out on Valentines Day!)
  9. geordiegirl1806

    geordiegirl1806 Full Member

    Yes I think tomorrow', Friday and Saturday syns will be for my Friday night too lol
  10. systema

    systema Gold Member

    Is this 3 diaries in 1?
  11. geordiegirl1806

    geordiegirl1806 Full Member

    It's there for anyone who wants to post their diary, me and my sis in law (livfin3) are using it to try n keep discipline in our diet n look at what each other are eating
  12. systema

    systema Gold Member

    I was a bit confused when I read it as there were 3 different people writing up the diaries - good luck with your weight loss.
  13. geordiegirl1806

    geordiegirl1806 Full Member

    Thank you you too
  14. geordiegirl1806

    geordiegirl1806 Full Member

    Today's Diary:

    Breakfast: red grapefruit, banana and blueberries with ww fromage frais (0.5 syns)

    Lunch: Tomato and herb mugshot and a banana

    Buffet at work (damn temptation!) - chunk of Brie (4 syns)

    Snack: alpen light bar (HexB)

    Tea: 100g spinach and ricotta tortellini (4sybs) with chicken, spinach, cherry tomatoes with 25g Philly light sweet chilli ( 2syns)

    3 x Coffee with skimmed milk (HexA)

    Total syns: 10.5 syns

    Not the best of food days but been a busy one, wait till tomorrow's when my syns will go through the roof with the drink lol gonna try n stick to gin n slimline tonic rather than wine ....
  15. Livfin3

    Livfin3 Full Member

    Thursdays grub.

    B. Overnight oats with vanilla and dark choc light muller with blueberries = lovely
    Pineapple chunks

    L. Scrambled eggs with spinach, beans, and 2 quorn sausages (2syns???)
    Bowl of pineapple chunks

    Snack. Mandarin

    T. Cous cous, and salad with chicken pieces 1tsp light mayo (1syn)

    Now I'm having a cadburys highlights bournville hot choc 2 syns
    And another mandarin

    Only 5 syns today!! Wowsers

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  16. geordiegirl1806

    geordiegirl1806 Full Member

    Quorn sausages are 1 syn each just checked on app for you so your right with the 2 syns - I'm intrigued with overnight oats, what's them? I might try them xx
  17. geordiegirl1806

    geordiegirl1806 Full Member

    Have u not used any Hex's?? Xxx
  18. Livfin3

    Livfin3 Full Member

    My oats would be my hex b
    Not had a hex a!!

    The overnight oats are nice, just oats measured 30g. And a muller light yoghurt mixed in, pop it in the fridge the night before and top with fruit in the morning

    Sent from my iPhone using MiniMins
  19. geordiegirl1806

    geordiegirl1806 Full Member

    Oooh might give them a go xx
  20. geordiegirl1806

    geordiegirl1806 Full Member

    Ok yesterday I think I've used my full weeks syns in one day but never mind i will be back on track today and gonna try n use minimal syns

    Yesterday's diary

    Breakfast: grapefruit banana blueberries and muller light yoghurt (0.5 syns)

    Lunch: jacket potato and homemade chilli

    Then this is where it goes wrong....

    8 glasses of wine and a Chinese takeaway (god only knows syns used!!)
  21. Livfin3

    Livfin3 Full Member

    I bet it was well worth it though!!

    Oops I haven't put up yesterday's food diary......

    B. spoon size chocolate weetabix (hex b) milk (hex a) melon, grapes and muller Greek yog 0.5syns

    L. 2 rashers of bacon (fat removed) 1/2 tin of beans. Mandarin and bowl of frozen berries and muller toffee light yog.

    S. Mugshot, kiwi fruit and water

    T. Chicken and quinoa curry with peas, spinach and green beans.
    Then for pudding we all had strawberries and blueberries with melted milk chocolate not sure on syn count there???

    Also had a small heart shaped biscuit Finn made me at school!

    Malteaser bunny and bournville highlights choc 10syns for both

    So 10.5 syns then the chocolate with the strawberries!! Eeek

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