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Time to stop messing around!!!


Back on the diet train...
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hey guys,

well not been on here in ages! :sigh:. i was ment to start in january but had work problems and didnt feel i could give 100%.

anyway i suddenly looked at myself the other day when i was thinking of excuses not to go on a works do and thought enough is enough!!!

im sick of feelin rubbish and havin health problems, joint pain an such heart burn i could cry to name a few. :sigh:

so im startin tomorrow, goin to go in the mornin to get weighed an will post my weight then. :eek:

wish me luck and all the best to everyone!

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good luck hun, i started on tursday and its the best thing ive ever done for myself! im forever finding excuses, but after having my 4th and final baby i thought ive gotta go for it and do something for me, otherwise something will always get in the way! gor for it and im sure ull look fab at your works do and your mums 50th!
lookforward to chatting nic x
I'm starting tomorrow too.
We can support each other. I'm the same for making excuses lol. I was supposed to start last Monday but I've had really bad cold.
Tomorrow will be different. We can do it!!


No longer a redhead though!
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and do you know what!!..

As someone completely new to the whole LT concept this is what my thinking is/was on it.

I'd heard about it, became interested and like others kept putting off start date, xmas came - delay, new year - obviously sensible to delay again of course, works do - delay, going out with the girls, prearranged - delay, january, not sure - but delay, trip to London - delay...

But during all this time I kept reading this site, getting lots of information and tips, building up my resolve, intention and excitement.

Just before London I had a date with a chap so this was nice. After London I had a friends 50th 'do' to attend (this was last night) and then of course a couple of dates with a chap - and here we are on Valentines Day. So.. what did I do?

After London I did the same 'this is it!' Started last Thursday and do you know what, all my reading, joining in on here etc etc I REALLY do feel has helped me make a positive start and not too stressful.

I went to the party last night, me in a pub with a buffet OMG.... but it was fine, soda water galore and I was the designated driver (a first time I've offered that up eh!)

I'm on day four now, am in ketosis, paranoid about my breath as I have my third date with chap tonight. Had to explain now that I am not drinking and would rather not have a meal. Not sure if he thinks I'm a complete freak yet or not though!!

But today, knowing I am in Ketosis feels good and I am on my journey to a new, more confident, fitter me.

Treated myself yesterday to a hair cut too... all good stuff.
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hmm if ur having trouble with heartburn u might want to consider discussing with ur pharmacist or GP on starting u on a Proton pump inhibitor such as zoton or protium or nexium or losec in order to decrease the heartburn symptoms u might have been having; because LT will exacerbate ur heartburn if u have some.
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"Thinking" is correct. I had really bad heartburns the 1st week on LT...You should get it checked.Actually the LT Folks came back to me and recommended Pepcid.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Bex, good for you. You sound as if you are now in the right head space to get started on LT. Lots of luck for the coming days. Keep up your water intake to stave off the worst of the hunger pangs. Soon enough you will be in ketosis!!!
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Good luck here's to a healthier, happier, slimmer, sexier, cooler hotter new you! :d


One day at a time - then one day wow!!!! You will be at your goal!!! Xox


Back on the diet train...
S: 17st1lb C: 17st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 41 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks guys for the words of advice and much needed support. all greatly appreciated. :)

im finding it hard this time. got a huge headache but sounds silly,ive got a pair of gorgeous shoes that i cant wear yet and wen i feel crap im lookin at them an it makes me remember why im doin this.

heres to a slimmer 2010!!!


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Good luck Bex. You'll soon be through the first week and will have a fantastic loss. Keep going - before long you'll feel fine!


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